Halloween Party and a .99 cent sale!

Happy Halloween week here at the Scribes! PJ here, in costume. That is, if I go out for Halloween dressed in my jammies pretending to be an author *ggg*. No zombie makeup for me. No vampire fangs…no candy…just my pjs’s, fuzzy slippers, and putting the finishing touches on the final draft of PIECES OF LOVE, a contemporary YA romance due out in spring of 2014.

In the meantime, I’m preparing for the Awesome Indies Halloween Party and .99 cent sale. The spread is amazing–a smorgasbord of genres. Over 40 books on sale at .99c from the 30th of October to the 1st of November. Plus a fun quiz, a meet the monster day, and a goody-bag of give-aways, including a chance at over a dozen paperback books.aia_halloween

The party starts tomorrow with a fun quiz. Click over to the Awesome Indies blog (it won’t be active until tomorrow) to find out what you didn’t know about Halloween and check out the monster e-book sale (you can preview the books today). You might even recognize some familiar titles. The Awesome Indies were kind enough to review WANING MOON and include it among other quality indie reads in the sale.The Awesome Indies take the risk out of buying indie. They list only books that meet the same standard as mainstream fiction, so all you have to do is choose what you think you’ll like. Rest assured, it’ll be a page-turner!

Check out Tahlia Newman’s recent 5 star review of WANING MOON here! Tahlia is the fearless leader over at Awesome Indies and was extremely gracious in her review. Thanks, Tahlia!WM jpg 6x9 eBook UPLOAD 2013 (2013_06_07 00_53_00 UTC)

In addition to WANING MOON being available now for .99 cents, WESTERN DESERT, book two in the trilogy, is available for FREE tomorrow and Thursday, October 30-31st only on Amazon. (save this link and check back tomorrow or Thursday to download it for FREE).

Coming June 24th!
Coming June 24th!

Don’t forget to invite your friends by sharing to Facebook or twitter and make sure to “like” the posts on my website and the Awesome Indies site if you pay us a visit. The more likes and shares we get, the greater our visibility to other readers. Thank you for helping us spread the word about the sale!

I’ll have links and information about the party festivities over the next few days on my website at http://www.pjsharon.com.

I hope you’ll stop by and share your Halloween costume ideas. Pajamas and fuzzy slippers are pretty lame. I could use some suggestions.


8 thoughts on “Halloween Party and a .99 cent sale!”

  1. For a costume, I have been successful dressing as Edith Wharton, famous writer, mistaken for a decorator in the early 20th century. I wore a cloche beaded hat, a long dress, also beaded and an oriental fan. Sort of a Flapper evening dress. The outfit has won prizes. I thought how strange, it was pretty simple. Oh yes, a lovely ball mask to finish the face. I think your pj idea is perfectly acceptable. You just need a mask and a huge bag to collect your treats. Pier one has some really nice masks to dress up your pj’s. Fun post Paula.

    1. Thanks for the costume tip, Gail. Sounds perfect! I live not far from the Edith Wharton house. I love to go there when the gardens are in full bloom. June and July are simply breathtaking. The house is also amazing…like stepping back in time.

    1. I’m not entirely sure what you meant to say above…I suspect you are commenting from a smart phone or some other gadget that likes to play word games, but I get the gist. Crazy…sheriff’s department…too many trick-or-treaters…must escape.

      I’m so far out in the woods I haven’t had anyone stop at my house in a few years. I keep candy on hand “just in case.”

  2. PJ, I’m DJ. Nice to meet you. 🙂 When I saw a tweet about your Awesome Indies Halloween Party blog post, it reminded me to get busy and blog, too. Thank you for the inspiration. Congrats on your wonderful 5-star review of WANING MOON! Tahlia gave my WATERSPELL fantasy trilogy one of those precious 5-star ratings, and I go back and reread her review when this crazy book biz starts to get me down. Best of luck — hope you sell bunches!

    1. Hi DJ! Nice to meet another “J”. I saw your books on the sale page. They look amazing! Tahlia’s review of WANNG MOON definitely made my day! looking forward to checking out everyone’s blogs this week. It should be fun. Thanks for stopping by:-)

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