A Little Bit About Heroes

Hi friends. Sugar here. Veteran’s day has got me thinking about the heroes romance writers are so fond of writing. Cops, fire fighters and military men are seen so often in books that readers almost expect them. In my Ginger Jamison books for Harlequin all my heroes are military men. Marines to be exact. I was drawn to them because to me there’s nothing tougher than a Marine. And the thought of them being knocked on their asses by love is infinitely appealing.

Personally my favorite historical romances feature Military men back from war. Back with scars most of them invisible. Tessa Dare, Elizabeth Hoyt and Mary Balogh have done beautiful work making their heroes sexy, strong and yet sympathetic. In contemporary land Rachel Gibson and Jill Shalvis both tackled PTSD in a realistic way.

I’ll always be a fan of a man who is willing to die for his country. What about you? What do you like about military romances?

One thought on “A Little Bit About Heroes”

  1. Coming from a family where my father fought in the army during WWII, I had a brother in the Marines, and a sister in the Navy, each serving for eight years, and another brother in the Army National Guard for two years, I so appreciate our armed forces. So much so that my first book, Heaven is for Heroes is about a wounded young Marine just back from Iraq. He’s a good Marine who has to deal with the possibility that he made a mistake that cost his best friend’s life and also cost him his leg. PTSD is an underlying topic in the story as well since I don’t imagine anyone comes back from war without suffering the effects of trauma. I know my dad suffered his whole life having terrible nightmares from his experience in the war and back then PTSD, called “shell shock” or “battle fatigue” was never treated or even acknowledged..

    Military men and women are a different breed. It’s easy to see them as heroes because of their sense of duty and honor, which is drilled into them so that they can, indeed be willing to give their lives for their country and their cause. They show a strength of character and often have a skill set ideal for our stories about tough men and women who will kick butt and save the day. Marines rock as heroes!

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