Stuck On Duh

In the past two years I have written five full length novels and one novella. That’s…. (I suck at math) a lot of words. I was lucky enough to be under contract for all those words, but now that I’ve fulfilled my contracts, now that I’ve put all those words behind me I’m finding myself floundering.

What do I do now? No deadline. No contract. No pressure. I knew I needed a break. I knew I was in danger of burn out so I told myself I was going to take some time off to recoup. It’s been about three weeks of no writing. That’s a big deal for me. I wrote every single day before. Without fail. A thousand words a day. No excuses.

I’ve been doing writerly things. The occasional  guest blog post, or interview. I’ve been chatting with other writers on Facebook and through email. I’ve been thinking about writing. I even know my hero and heroine’s names and backstories, but every time I sit down to write there’s a block there and a voice in my head tells me to do naughty things.

“Check your Amazon rankings.”

“Clean out your closet.”

“Text your coworkers silly pictures you found on the internet.”

“Plan your imaginary wedding to The Rock Dwayne Johnson.”

“Read texts from dogs for forty-five minutes ”

“Take a nap. You love naps! LOVE THEM!”

I can’t seem to get out of the vicious cycle I created for myself and I’m starting to feel guilty.

So help me! How can I get my writerly groove back?


3 thoughts on “Stuck On Duh”

  1. I feel you, Sugar. With all the demands of writing, publishing, marketing and oh yeah…the day job, it’s no wonder we get burnt out. I had to take a big step back from marketing over the summer so I could regain some balance and focus on what was important…the writing. I say, enjoy the down time through the holidays, keep your toe in the marketing of your books while your story percolates, and if I know you at all, when you’re ready, you won’t be able to stop the words from leaping onto the page. Take a minute to breathe and don’t feel guilty. You know that before long, you’ll be right back on that deadline treadmill and wishing you had a day off from writing.

  2. So, here’s something. I’m not under contract. I have no book due, PLUS I have no job. To combat the lazies, I tell my agent the date she will receive my next submission. That way, I’m accountable to someone.

    Give it a shot.

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