The waiting game

Happy Wednesday everyone.

I’ve entered the part of the writing business that I totally, totally HATE.  I call it, the waiting game. The waiting game is kind of like the quiet game or a staring contest. You wait for the other person (agent, publisher, etc) to move, for however long it takes only in this game there’s no winner.  Usually, there’s just more work.

In an industry that moves slower than a snail’s pace, waiting gives me severe anxiety. Days of waiting also messes with my head. Case in point, three weeks ago I turned my WIP over to my agent. She’s a good agent. She knows what she’s doing and I trust her. She promised me she’d get fresh eyes on the project and she’d also let me know if there were any edits needed (and I’m sure there are)….that was three weeks ago.

I don’t hold it against her. She’s a busy lady. But, in turn, I need to get better at waiting. I’ve started a new project that I’m 22,000 words into. But, nevertheless, every day the gnawing anxiety creeps into the center of my chest. It tells me that I’ve lost my baby, my WIP, and I’ll never see her again. Until I start to believe it.

In addition to writing, I’ve read books, watched movies, played with my son, the dog, the neighbor’s dog. (Really, what’s a girl gotta do)….Still, I suck at waiting. I send my agent frequent emails, “Hey, how’s it going?”  She’s too nice to respond and tell me to wait my turn. I know. Still, I press.

If they offered classes in how to be more patient, I’d take them, I swear.  Nobody knows how impatient I am more than me. So, I’m seeking help from my friends. How do you wait? Tell me what you do to fill the time between sending off your baby and getting it back again.

I need some tips, help, and advice. Please.  Patience is a virtue, indeed!


4 thoughts on “The waiting game”

  1. Um…I feel like a hypocrite giving advice on this one (ie: lack of patience can lead to self-publishing), but might I recommend you take a few yoga classes and put on your ‘ohm’? Just let it go, sister. Keep working on what you can control and stop worrying about things you can’t. There are certainly enough other projects to keep you busy. If not, you could always volunteer your services to an author in need of promotional assistance…just sayin’.

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