Home is Where the TARDIS is – Happy 50th to #DoctorWho!

Happy Friday! Casey here.

After eight years of resisting the inevitable, I have finally taken the Doctor Who plunge. Thanks to Amazon Prime and the insistence of my close friend Lisa G – I started watching the show.

I had a good reason to avoid Doctor Who – despite the stellar praise. Despite the fact I was missing a show I knew I would like. All my close friends watch the show (and I am referring to the new Doctor that started in 2005 . I’ll get to classic Who eventually). It was because once I started watching, I knew I wouldn’t be able to STOP!!

And yes, that is exactly what happened. But, I’m not alone in the madness – also sucked into the Whoniverse – my two sons. Hubby is next. He just doesn’t know it yet.

Of course I picked the near moment when all the 50th anniversary programming is hitting its peak. As expected, I didn’t get much writing done because I’m hooked on Doctor Who. And this Saturday, we’ll be watching “The Day of The Doctor.”

But, I haven’t been a total slacker. Lachlan’s Curse is at the mid-point (@40,000 words). And, even better, I got two thumbs up from my beta readers for Mystic Hero.

For those of you wondering what the fuss is about, check out this trailer.

So Doctor fans, what is your favorite episode (or who is your favorite doctor)? At the moment, Blink is the family favorite. 


8 thoughts on “Home is Where the TARDIS is – Happy 50th to #DoctorWho!”

  1. Whoa, don’t know if Dr Who is for me. I like to laugh, or even cry, but I don’t like to be worried or scared. James Bond’s exciting adventures puts me into the worry seat or maybe even the scared seat. He can keep his adventures and send me Hallmark instead. But thanks for the preview Casey. That’s about all I can take.

  2. Oh I am a die hard Dr. Who fan, so welcome to the oppression. I love all modern Doctors number 9, 10 and 11, but I am sure I fall for the guy who plays the 12th doctor too. It’s the complex personalities and great acting and writing that set this show apart. If I had to choose the ninth Doctor and the Daleks are my favorites. Thank for this blog I enjoyed the unique viewpoint Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance writer brings

  3. Hi Casey — I discovered Dr. Who in the late eighties, or my kids did: Tom Baker and that scarf. It inspired my sons to create a “whovian” character based on their much tortured stuffed dog and create cartoon adventures (which I’ve saved) of the “Dogter” complete with the flowing multi-colored scarf. We got to see Tom Baker — I don’t remember exactly where he appeared that was easy for us to get to (he was very gracious and patient) — and I occasionally watch the current Doctor’s adventures when I can. But — the truth — loved Tom Baker the best.


    1. My first Doctor Who memory was of the “guy with the scarf” which I later learned was Tom Baker. It’s so cool that you had a chance to meet him. I have to say I was surprised and saddened to learn his companion, Sara Jane Smith passed away in 2011 of cancer. Way too young!!

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