Breaking from Tradition

Hi there. Sugar here. Thanksgiving is this Thursday and for the first time EVER my family won’t be celebrating it at home or with the dozens of extended family members that usually invade our home. My mother decided that this year we would travel to Washington DC to celebrate the holiday. Just my parents and two of my four brothers. For the first time we will not have to do days of cleaning or hours of prep work to prepare for the holiday. It is also the first time we will not have a home cooked meal. But surprisingly we are all more than okay with that.

Actually we are really looking forward to doing something different this year. Instead of eating like pigs and falling asleep around four o’clock we are going to eat in a fancy restaurant and afterwards take a guided tour of the city that none of us have spent much time in. It should be really fun.

I promise to blog about it next week and show you all of our touristy pictures.

What about you? Traditional Thanksgiving or something different this year?


3 thoughts on “Breaking from Tradition”

  1. Thanksgiving is about family to me and that seems exactly like what your family is doing. We are having a traditional celebration at my MIL’s. My in-laws recently sold their family home and this will be our last meal at my husband’s childhood home. Bittersweet.

    Have a wonderful vacation. Stay warm and dry with this rough weather on the eastern seaboard.

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