A Christmas Moment

Merry Christmas everyone. Thea Devine here, and I wish you all a happy and productive New Year.

This is my favorite time of year, for all the cliched reasons: joy, hope, love, new year, new beginnings, family, friends, gifts, drowsing by the fireplace, cozy in my house as it snows. I love Christmas. My boys have said I become a child at Christmas.

You bet. Why not?

We get to see family and friends, and best of all, I get to shop for presents. I’ve always loved the shopping part.

Years ago, when we lived in Brooklyn, we exchanged presents with a small circle of friends — until, that is, the Christmas that we and one couple in the group gave each other exactly the same gift.

I don’t remember what it was after all these years, but I do know it signaled “enough.” We knew each other so well, too well, that nothing more needed to be given — or said.

A Christmas lesson for us all.

Thea Devine is the author of 27 contemporary and historical erotic romances and a dozen novellas. Five of her early books are available in Kindle editions. Look for the sequel to “The Darkest Heart” in 2014.


2 thoughts on “A Christmas Moment”

  1. Thea, this is a special time of year. Celebration of the birth of our guiding light. The sights and sounds, the gathering of family and friends, cozy by the fireside. And oh, the love.

  2. I’ve gotten to the point in life where Christmas is definitely for children. I only buy for the little ones these days–although I still enjoy surprising my grown sons with stocking treats like Twizzlers (Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without them, they tell me). I try to do something nice or get together with my siblings this time of year, but my husband and I usually buy a combined gift for each other, something we both want. I’m not a big shopper, so this works well for me. This year, however, with two grand babies on the way, I may have to make an exception! Blessings abound! Merry Christmas!

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