Take Two Tablets & Call Me …

Happy New Year everyone. Thea Devine here today and this is a rant.

I’ve never felt a particular urgency to own a tablet. I mean, I’ve kind of wanted one but not to the extent that I’d talked about it a lot. I figured sometime in the future — you know, as a reward for finishing a book or something –I’d get one.

This Christmas was the day. A tablet was one of John’s presents to me. I was speechless. But not for long. I was so intimidated it took me two days to get up the nerve to open the darned box — the deep box that said it held all the answers.

The tablet lay in its own bed. When you remove that, you find the plug and transformer and a small square of paper that tells you to “press start.”

That’s it. It assumes you know where “start” is. Okay, it’s not that hard to figure out, but still — the rest is silence. I am not intuitive girl. If it’s not immediately obvious, I freak out (figuring I’ve destroyed something critical). I hate passwords and the device required at least four and then I couldn’t figure out which to use where, which got me totally tied up until I was told Siri wasn’t working and I needed to get on the internet.

I stopped right there. This was no fun. This was generational. I knew everybody else in the world had already easily figured out everything about the device — it’s a best-selling item, for Pete’s sake. My two year old grandson probably would have had the thing going in no time. He already knows how to scroll. Half the battle right there.

Well, they just have to label these devices — for millenials who know everything and for technologically inept pre baby boomers — including reams of paper explaining things.

I did ask John to promise not to divorce me if I wanted to return the tablet and exchange it for a different device. He said he wouldn’t, but I’ve caught him looking at me speculatively now and again.

I exchanged the tablet for a laptop whose screen detaches to become a tablet (made sense to me). I don’t entirely get it yet, but it is at least a little less opaque. It’s those colorful tiles on the home screen. And the swiping thing. I really like that.

And it came with a diagram with all the connectors highlighted and instructions on how . That’s all I needed. A little hand-holding. Some understanding and guidance. And a couple of aspirin tablets on the side.

Have you ever been frustrated with a device? Or are they an open book to you?

Thea Devine is the author of twenty-seven erotic historical and contemporary romances and a dozen novellas. She’s currently working on an erotic contemporary romance.


4 thoughts on “Take Two Tablets & Call Me …”

  1. I feel you pain, sister! My husband bought me an i-pad last year, which he ended up absconding because I hated it and kept threatening to throw across the room, LOL. He uses it for everything! I did upgrade the computer this year and now have Windows 8.1 (love all the pretty tiles and swiping is indeed cool), so it made sense to get the Surface so I could sync them up and be able to travel with something small and still have everything at my fingertips. It has some limitations but I think I’m getting the hang of it and it will be awesome for travel rather than carrying my laptop. All I know is that if I didn’t have a techspert for a hubby, I’d probably be writing on parchment. Oh, and clearly, I’m a PC girl and not an Apple fan.

  2. Ugh! How well I know what you felt with the damn tablet. I, me, myself–made a decision three years ago to change from a PC to a MAC. OMG. Talk about pain. The MAC is not a computer, it is a devise that you have to go to school to learn how it thinks. I paid $99 and had to take six separate workshops, privately at Apple, to just begin to get it. It was complete torture. But you see, I had made an investment, a big one, and had to learn or else I would lose a great deal of money. Now I love my MAC and will NEVER go back to a PC. Whew! Thanks for sharing Thea, glad you found a way to move on.

    1. Paula, Gail, I am so reassured to know that I’m not the only one who has stumbled around without a clue. Even with the new device — I’m trying to figure out exactly what it will do for me, since the keyboard function is so sensitive, it types when you breathe.

      I did get on Amazon, however, so I consider that a little victory.


  3. I have never understood the obsession with Apple products. They are a marketing and brand-building success for sure, but I don’t see that they have any better functionality than a PC. Me, I’m a PC girl and probably always will be. We do own an iPad but it is currently residing somewhere in my teenaged son’s bedroom. We may never see it again.

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