Super Powered Thoughts

Yay! It’s Friday. Casey here.

So this past weekend, while eagerly awaiting Downton Abbey to begin, I saw the obligatory Viking River Cruises advertisement (that PBS airs before the show) and it got me thinking about travel. Where would I like to go? What would I visit first?


And hey, wouldn’t it be cool to be able to speak the local language? Which led to a different line of thought about having super powers. Like the kind in comic books, not the more serious, real world issue of global super power nations. Sorry, this isn’t that kind of post.

Anyway, while I like the idea of adventure, I’m also a total wimp. Hence the thought about super powers. I know this is totally nerdy, but if I could have a super power (and I have given this a lot of thought over the years – yes, it’s true), I’d want to understand every language in the universe. Not just hear it, but be a fluent speaker, read it, write it, and understand all the local customs too.

Yes, that probably takes the fun out of visiting new locales, but I can’t help it. It’s the anthropology major in me to want to understand a culture not just muddle around lost.

What? Too nerdy? I don’t care. Other people can have flying or x-ray vision.

How about you? Take the poll and share your views.


4 thoughts on “Super Powered Thoughts”

  1. I voted for being in two places at once. Like in the movie Duplicity with Michael Keaton. It might get confusing, but it would be great to double my impact on getting things done, LOL. Fun post, Casey!

    1. That would be cool! I briefly toyed with the ability to time travel, but I’ve watched/read enough sci-fi to know that messing with the space/time continuum is always a bad idea! Instant teleportation would be useful too.

  2. I love languages, so I would have to say I would love to be able to speak them all. I love that my kids have the same passion and devour all their lessons. Although my daughter did complain about learning Spanish…until she met a cute boy for El Salvador. Then she wondered why she didn’t pay better attention in class.

    1. Too funny!! It’s easy to forget languages if you don’t use them often. I spent years and years taking Spanish and now, sadly, I can’t remember most of it. Use or lose it, right?

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