Thinking Random Thoughts

Happy Friday! Casey here.

So here it is, the day before I’m scheduled to blog and I’m twiddling my thumbs. Normally, I’d be panicked. I like to get blogs done on Sunday night. But with Downton Abbey and Sherlock premiering in the US – what sane fan can think of blogging? Not me.

Blame the Monday holiday. Or maybe the fact that on Tuesday, hubby came home sick and promptly infected me. Thanks dear.

Or it could be that, while I’m in the final throes of Lachlan’s Curse (should be subtitled – Why, oh, Why Isn’t This Book Done Yet?) I can’t summon any ideas other than those related to the book. I did take comfort in reading Chuck Wendig’s blog post – It Takes the Time it Takes. Thank you, sir. I needed that!

Instead, I will leave you with my thoughts in pictures.

I am so glad you’re back. Don’t make me wait another two years.

I miss you, O’Brien.

Got an ARC from Jess, can’t wait to dig in.

Can’t wait to meet you.

But you’re still my favorite Doctor.

And finally, when the heck is spring coming?!!



11 thoughts on “Thinking Random Thoughts”

  1. Ew…I just don’t see it, ladies. I find Watson much more attractive (even if he is a hobbit). And I don’t miss O’Brien in the least. Although I’m totally disgusted by Bates’s cluelessness about Anna’s trauma. Are you blind, man?!

    1. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with Martin Freeman either! He’s adorable and genuine – gotta love that combination too.

      What I miss in Downton Abbey is a good villain. It’s not the producers fault that three actors wanted to leave the show last year- so they are dealing with the hand they were dealt. So far Edna is just an O’Brien wannabe, more annoying that anything.

      And I totally agree about Mr. Bates, but I have a feeling he is going to figure out what is going on very soon (Mary too). And then Mr. Green better hide!!

  2. Casey, I do not miss O’Brien at all, and Anna, who has bruises on her face, apparently invisible, makes Mr. Bates seem simplistic. Wake up man, your wife is suffering. And thanks for the article by Chuck Wendig, an eye opener for me in this writer’s world.

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