Getting Back on your Luge

Olympic-RingsHappy Olympic Games! These two weeks every two years bring great excitement to my home. Winter or summer, doesn’t matter, we are glued to the games. We enjoy it all–wins, defeats, but especially the personal victories.

I’m sure you have all seen Shiva Keshavan get back on his luge as he raced down the course after falling off at a deadly speed . What an amazing victory, not to mention he’ll be known forever.

Stories like Shiva’s are the ones I can relate to. I think we all can. There we are, racing toward our dream, and Bang! We fall off course. For many, it’s the end, maybe out of fear or discouragement or anger. We say we tried, and no one will fault you, because you did.

But what if you get back on the course? What if you use every last ounce of determination to take one step toward the goal again? Or in Shiva’s case, get that luge back under you. What if you move every part of your mind, body and soul until you are back in the race again? There’s still no promise of a win, but I think it’s safe to say you sure will be remembered differently.

You’ll be remembered as the one who got back on the course and back in the game. A victory in itself.

So, whatever it is you are racing toward. Expect to be pushed/knocked/beaten off course. It’s a given, and everyone will even expect you to accept it.

Be the one they remember who didn’t.

Keep moving and play hard, and enjoy the games!


6 thoughts on “Getting Back on your Luge”

  1. Katy, it is amazing to watch those Olympic athletes give their all. They, the skaters, the skiers, and others make their game of choice look so easy. Your post is great reminder of how to win. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. That was one of many awesome moments of this year’s Olympics, Katy. I’ve been catching some amazing events the past few days and man, those athletes are AMAZING! Some of the young women competing in the snow board events are unbelievable. The girl from CK Republic wiped out, broke the back of her helmet and looked to be unconscious for a moment and then got up and finished the course on her own two feet. It takes guts, determination, and a certain amount of crazy to follow your dreams–even when they lead you into danger, despair, and possible doom!

    Oh, and I’m loving the figure skating team competition!

  3. The Olympic Games are always an inspiration. Nice post, Katy. I always try to remind myself that it’s not how many times I get knocked down that count, it’s how many times I get up. Love the Olympics at my house too. GO USA!

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