Pin it, Baby!

Hey everyone! Casey here.
Okay, I’m a bit late to the Pinterest party. For the last few years, I’ve actively avoided joining anymore social media sites that would siphon away from my writing time.

It all started out innocently enough.  While I was updating the appearance of my blog, I re-checked some of WordPress’ settings and noticed a Pinterest option.  In order to take advantage of the option I needed an account.

It was easy enough to create one. Then I made the mistake of looking around.

And – whammo – I was hooked. Because now that I had an account, I should add some boards because what if someone found me and I had nothing there? I would look pretty lame.

And where else could I post my cool Oogles the Owl photo collection?

All pictures 001

Oh, and while I was doing that, I figured I might as well start trying out the little red Pinterest button found on many websites too. So off I went, messing around with my favorites sites to see who had the red button.

Hear that sucking noise?

That was my writing time going down the drain. But the end result – I created some pretty cool boards (see them here) and I’ve been enjoying my friends’ boards (who are years ahead of me).

Honestly, Pinterest reminds me of a giant, web-based scrapbook. The only thing missing is fancy borders, colored backgrounds, and 3-D doo-dads.

The big question I have, what is Pinterest for? How does everyone use it?

As a photo album? For inspiration? To drool over food porn (or hunky men)?

If you’re on Pinterest, please share. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


10 thoughts on “Pin it, Baby!”

  1. I’m on Pinterest, Casey. But, honestly, I don’t go there much for the reason you sited. It is an addiction and one more time consumer that i try to avoid. Having said that, I’ve dabbled with adding my book covers and a few boards about me that my readers might dig–like skating photos and sharing my love of nature. many authors create entire worlds for their characters and books using Pinterest. For instance, Sugar might do a “Fancy Shoes” board or Suze might have a “Who Dunnit” board with suspects in her cozy mysteries, recipes from the books, or knitting projects. I’d love to have time to set up a board for each of my books with pics of actors and actresses who could play my characters, but I’m leery of the legalities. Finding the balance between having fun with it and getting lost in it is the trick! This is one of those social media “projects” I’d love to pass on to a teen with too much time on their hands:-)

  2. Hi Casey– enjoyed checking out your Pinterest boards. I’m not on Pinterest but have often thought it would be neat to create a board for each of my books. Like PJ though, I’ve been wary of potential copyright issues. Need to look into it more when I have a chance. You make it sound fun!

    1. Hi Jill. Yes, I too am leery of copyright at well which is why the majority of photos are my own. At the moment, my most re-pinned image is a candy dot scarf I crocheted (design by Twinkie Chan). It’s one of my favorite crochet projects and when I wear it, I frequently get questions.

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