The Care and Feeding of Little Girls

I’m going to start this post by saying that I am not a mother.  But I do work with children and lately I’ve been seeing some things that have been bothering me.

Little girls aren’t acting little girls anymore. They are acting like women, like adults. And I don’t mean showing mature rational behavior either. They talk like grownups. They know more about sex, drugs and violence than I ever did as a child. They are more tech savvy than more thirty-year-olds I know. But it’s not just that their appearances are changing too.

This week I came across a seven year old with bleached blond highlights and and pin straight hair. She had a hair mishap and asked for my help and as I was braiding her hair I could see that it was dry, damaged from excessive heat and dyeing. I know the little girl had pretty ringlets but I so rarely saw them I realized that she must be flat ironing her hair almost on a daily basis.

I’m all for doing what makes you feel your best, but my question is why?

Why highlight a seven year olds hair? Why change it from it’s natural state?  Why give her a haircut that’s more appropriate for a twenty-five year old than a little girl?

I’ve also seen girls with high heels and short skirts and fake nails and it just doesn’t sit right.  Kids are growing up so fast these days. Childhood is a time of innocence. Don’t we want our kids to stay innocent for as long as possible?

What do you think? Am I being sensitive or are kids changing these days?


2 thoughts on “The Care and Feeding of Little Girls”

  1. I agree, Sugar. Kids are being allowed, and even pushed to grow up way too fast. Influenced by everything from TV, movies, magazines, and internet insanity, little girls are bombarded with messages about what they are “supposed” to wear, look like, and act like. It’s up to parents to rein that in and keep it real, but alas, even parents are caught up in the frenzy. Not sure what the answer is, but the trend toward making our seven year-olds look like they’re twenty doesn’t bode well for teen pregnancy rates, depression, and teen suicide rates. It’s all just too much pressure for kids to be kids these days. What ever happened to playing wonder woman in the back yard using a stick for a javelin? Although the way Linda Carter dressed, it was probably just the beginning…

  2. I agree as well. Unfortunately they may look grown up but in my experience these kids that grow in to actual adults they are so far behind intellectually and emotionally that parents are still “raising” their 20, 30 and 40 year old children. And with each passing year it seems to get worse. Parents are setting their kids up to “keep up with the Jones” but without the education or financial ability. So they are expecting their parents to continue supplying all the luxuries they have been receiving, believing that they are necessities. I know too many parents with adult children that they are paying for their car, gas, clothes, entertainment, even apartments. These young adults see these reality tv shows that everyone is shopping and living the high life and not ever going to work. It all looks like a party. Even years ago my own daughter said she wanted to have a big “my sweet 16” party that they used to have a show about these rich folks giving their kids 50k parties and even more just for a 16th birthday party. I had to explain to her that I cannot afford that and I only had a regular cake and maybe something “special” like a necklace that said sweet 16. But that was it. These kids are getting and living with all the finer things in life, because parents want and in some cases “need” to keep up with technology. And as a parent who had to stop paying for those things when my oldest was old enough to pay for his own cell phone, he went without for a long time and it was hard not to want to pay for one so I could get a hold of him. But now grooming the next child in the same way it is a little easier but stopping the giving of all the luxuries is difficult. It also is a burden on you if they don’t have a computer to do college homework on, or the nicer clothes and shoes etc. To have to put the breaks on all that actually should start much sooner, but hindsight is 20/20 and I really didn’t know what I was headed for. But as for the children coming up now, they will have it even harder. I knew a young mother that wanted to get her 3 YEAR old a cell phone and already had gotten him a digital camera. I don’t believe they really need that much technology at those ages. Especially when as teens they are worse then toddlers and can’t take care of anything. So the future adults will be interesting in the next 10 years. I predict a lot more whining and depression and poverty.

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