Summer Vacation in 3 Weeks

Hello World!  Remember way back when you were an elementary student?  For me, those years were…cough…some 30 year ago, but I remember summer vacation being one LOOOOOOOOONG stretch of time spent entertaining myself outside until I was actually bored enough to be looking forward to school.  NOT so these days, at least not in my household. 

My kids’ summer vacation this year, real vacation with nothing planned, no place to be, etc, last exactly 3 weeks – two weeks at the beginning and one week at the end. 

That 3 weeks is really “veg-time”.  By that, I don’t mean sit around and watch TV all day, but rather, go-outside-and-entertain-yourself time.  Play soccer or baseball in the yard.  Climb a tree.  Play in the sandbox.  Ride your bike.  Swim.  Huddle next to the air conditioner and eat popsicles on 100 degree days.   Okay – that one’s inside, but hey, it get’s hot here in CT. 

Funny aside – I got an email from Romance Writers of America about he national conference I’m attending this summer in Texas.  It informed me that it get’s hot in Texas in July, like between 70 and 90 degrees.  Seriously?  70-90 degrees?  That’s amazingly pleasant compared to the 90-100 degrees with 90% humidity we usually enjoy here in Connecticut in July.   Maybe I’ll pack a jacket…

For the rest of the summer out-of-school time, my kids will be at various summer camps, having a blast for sure, but not likely getting bored enough to look forward to school.  Hmmm.  Maybe that’s something for me to think about for next year.

What does your family do during the summer?


One thought on “Summer Vacation in 3 Weeks”

  1. Enjoy your time with them, J. They grow up so fast! I’ll be visiting my boy out in California in a couple of weeks. So looking forward to it! Oh…and launching my next book:-)

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