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How to Choose a Writer’s Conference

PJ here, happy to be on the East coast and back in my own bed…ahhhh. After doing this writing thing for a while, I’ve been to quite a few writer’s conferences, and I wanted to share my experience on how to choose the “right” conference for you. If you belong to RWA or a similar writer’s organization, you probably get inundated with lots of options. Here are a few things to think about.

Location/Accommodations: Check out the hotel venue and make sure the location is some place you’d like to stay for a few days. A bad night’s sleep, disappointing food, or poor quality hospitality can really put a damper on your stay. It’s worth visiting the hotel’s website and checking out their reviews. Make plans for car rental and recreational activities ahead of time so you don’t get there with hopes of visiting a locale on your “down time” only to find that you can’t get a car rental on short notice or the place you want to visit is closed. Although you are going for business, one of the perks of traveling is enjoying the sights along the way. Also, check to see what is around your hotel. Are there local restaurants and shopping within walking distance? Is there a gym? An indoor pool? Are you next to a train yard, airport, or in a bad section of the city? Some of these things may not be important to you, but if they are, make sure you know what you are paying for ahead of time. Scope out your hotel and surrounding area on Google maps.

Price: Is it affordable and worth the money for what you are getting? Are meals included? Are the speakers well known and knowledgeable? Is it worth your time, money, and effort? Remember to consider your loss of income while you’re away from your day job, and factor in any accrued costs such as wardrobe, entertainment, and additional travel fees (taxis, trains, buses etc.). Remember to save all receipts for tax purposes.

Focus of conference: Does the conference offer workshops that will help you further your career goals? If you are a newer writer, make sure there are craft workshops geared to what you’d like to learn. If you are seeking publication, are there opportunities to meet with agents and editors to pitch your story? Agent and editor panels offer a great opportunity to ask questions, find out what they are looking for, and hear the latest about the industry from publishing professionals. If you are a published author, do they offer promotion, marketing, and business oriented workshops? Interested in self-pubbing? Do they offer the most updated information available in this rapidly growing and changing aspect of the industry? If you are participating in a book signing, how successful have previous years been and how many readers can you expect to see? Shipping books is expensive, so ask for clear answers about realistic expectations. My experience is that print books don’t sell all that well at conferences and I rarely recoup the cost of shipping. I can see e-books being the way to go for future signings.

Networking: Conferences are a wonderful place to meet like-minded individuals and make professional contacts that you might never have the chance to meet otherwise. Don’t stalk the agents and editors but research them and know who you’d like to make a connection with. Make the effort to sit next to them at lunch or dinner (or in the bar). Be ready to talk intelligently about your work. Be prepared with a SHORT pitch of your WIP. Create a one or two sentence summary (log line) of what your story is about. The most common question asked at conferences is “What do you write?” The second most common question is “What is your story about?” Have an answer memorized and ready, and confidently smile as you give them your brief spiel. Don’t monopolize their time, but use the time wisely. If you get tongue tied and start rambling or their eyes begin to glaze over, stop talking and ask them a question about something unrelated. Where are you from? Are you a writer, too? Do you love baseball, zumba, pole dancing? Something that will put you at ease and take the heat off of you until you can collect yourself and get comfortable enough not to sound like an idiot. These are just people, but they are professionals and are there to FIND YOU! Respect their time, but don’t let your fear stop you from putting yourself out there.

Quality Speakers: I cannot stress this enough. Do some research on the speakers. What are their publishing/professional credentials? Just because they are there, doesn’t mean they are interesting, entertaining, or an expert in their field. Have they done this workshop before? How many times? Ask around to other writers and check out the websites of your presenters. If they don’t have a professional website that is engaging and informative, it might be an indicator that they aren’t all that well organized.

Organization: If you’ve ever participated in organizing a conference, you know about the gazillion moving parts and the army of people it takes to put on a seamless production. Of course there are always things that go wrong or details that get missed, but overall, organizers want it to be a good experience for everyone and they want attendees to return year after year to support the effort. If they don’t return e-mails, or answer your questions clearly up front, chances are the conference won’t be much better organized than the individuals running it. Conferences are generally a way for organizations to make money to support writers and their endeavors, so organizers (who are all volunteers, so be patient and kind to these people) are invested in making your conference experience successful. If there are suggestions you have for improvements, be sure to share them with conference organizers.

And last but not least, Food: You might have to contact the conference organizers for this information, but it’s worth asking about the menu ahead of time. If you have dietary restrictions or just want to make sure that some healthy selections are available, it’s worth the added effort to ensure that your needs are known ahead of time. You also have the option of doing a bit of shopping when you get settled in and stocking your hotel room refrigerator (make sure one is available in your room when you book your reservation) with fruit, yogurt, water, etc. so you can avoid the breakfast buffets that offer all those yummy bagels, pastries, muffins, and such. Will there be adequate chocolate selection at breaks? Just sayin’.

Unlocked Secret: Do your research, guys. There are enough choices for quality conferences around the country and your educational dollars are valuable, so make them count and get the most of your experience.

I hope to see you all at the RWA National convention in Atlanta this summer. It’s shaping up to be a fabulous time!

Any other tips for our readers to help them find a quality conference? What has been your favorite conference experience? Any funny experiences you’d like to share from the “trenches”?


PJ’s Top 10 Health Tips for 2013

Welcome! Tuesday’s Scribe here. This is an extra long post, but worth the read if you’ll bear with me. Being a Massage Therapist and personal trainer in the “real world” doesn’t exempt me from the laws of nature. That means that I am as susceptible as you are to the effects of gravity. As the image in my mirror reveals (it refuses to lie no matter how many spells I cast upon it), I can’t hide the addition of several pounds of holiday related “rolls”(ew). Yes, I too suffer from the intense attachment to chocolate that plagues even the strictest of gym rats. I’m PJ Sharon, and I, like many of you, am determined to do serious battle with my new found “writer’s bulge,” courtesy of my first year in publishing.

I know, I know…another diet, another fitness plan. Every January  the gyms are flooded with well-meaning but “weak-willed” souls who last about a month and then fall back into their old rut of unhealthy living. The truth is, living healthy is not rocket science. A healthy lifestyle is not a “diet” or an “exercise routine.” It requires a long term commitment to change. I wish I had the secret to turning on the “self-control” and “self-discipline” switches in the brain that some have and others struggle to find. There are many factors that influence us to take care of ourselves, but none is greater than healthy self-esteem. If you’ve tried and failed on your own and repeatedly lost and gained a significant amount of weight, I highly recommend you seek counseling to address the underlying issues that are keeping you stuck.

It may sound mean, but we all know when we put something in our mouth if it’s good for us or not. If you don’t know this, join Weight-Watchers and learn how to make healthier choices. Usually, we know when we are over-eating, and we definitely know when we aren’t getting enough rest (one of the leading contributors to weight gain). The trick is in catching the problems early. It’s infinitely easier to get back on track when we’ve gained only a few pounds instead of waiting until it’s ten or twenty…or fifty. It’s not hard to imagine why our clothes are fitting tighter than we like, or why we feel like crap from the sugar hangover we inflicted the night before by eating pizza, drinking that “extra” glass of wine, and then scarfing down chocolate ice cream for dessert. I’m not saying you can’t eat a piece of pizza or enjoy a glass of wine occasionally, but learn about portion sizes and find alternatives to these “fun” foods, saving the real deal for special occasions. And no…Friday night is not a special occasion. There are tons of creative ways to prepare foods that are healthy and delicious. Explore…get out of your rut!

I don’t know about you, but this being a grown up thing is a mixed blessing. Being an adult means that I can do what I want…eat what I want, right? Sure…if I want to live with the consequences. On the down side, there’s no one else to blame for my declining health or weight gain but me.  The bottom line is that I’m responsible for making good choices…about food, about my activity level, about cultivating healthy relationships, and about my work habits.

The first change I’ve made in the past few months is creating time to take care of myself by designing a work schedule that I can live with. That means regular office hours set aside to run my author business, and regularly scheduled work out sessions. Whatever I don’t get done in my office on any given day/night, I choose to let go and trust that I’ve done enough for that day. I will no longer sacrifice my “Healthy Me” time for social media or other tasks that will still be there the next day calling out to me. I know we’re all struggling to find balance these days, but honestly, none of it is worth dying over.

I’ve often told my clients that a healthy lifestyle is your best tool for success. I still believe that. I’d like to share some tips that I’ll be using to get back on track. I hope you’ll join me.

1)      HYDRATE- I’m not talking about ten cups of coffee or a liter of Diet Coke. I mean good old fashioned water. A good rule is to take your weight, divide by three, and that’s how many ounces per day of water you need to drink to stay properly hydrated. (Ie: A 150 pound person should consume 50 ounces of water per day). ** Fill a large water bottle first thing in the morning and drink it throughout the day, refilling as necessary to meet your daily ounce count. Feel free to add a slice of lemon. You’ll find you have more energy, you’re less hungry, and you’ll suffer fewer headaches, leg cramps, and muscle aches if you are hydrated. Trust me; your body will thank you!

2)      BANISH THE BREAD!-No not that!!!-White breads in particular break down into simple sugars very quickly. If you are sedentary, all that sugar gets stored as fat for later. But in this line of work, later never seems to come. Avoid white, starchy foods altogether. Switch from white potatoes to sweet potatoes, white rice to brown rice, and stock up on quinoa, cous cous, beans/legumes, and taboule, adding these complex whole grains and protein/fiber rich foods to salads or serving them as side dishes. Now most of us have already switched to “whole grain” breads, but if you read the label on your bread, you’ll likely find high fructose corn syrup, sugar, and a host of other additives and preservatives. **Try Ezekiel 4:9 Bread. You can find it in the refrigerator section of your grocer or local health food store. It has no flour! Instead it’s made from sprouted live grains like wheat, barley, millet, lentils, soybeans and spelt. It packs a whopping 4grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber and is sugar free and fat free, and only 80 calories per slice. It tastes great, too!

3)      WALKING MEDITATION-Meditating is one of the healthiest and most difficult practices to cultivate. Most of us can’t sit still and empty our minds for ten seconds, let alone twenty minutes. But just twenty minutes a day of meditation can be life changing. It reduces your stress level, improves your immune system, and has so many health benefits I couldn’t possibly list them all here. Ironically, twenty minutes of walking daily does much the same thing. Imagine if you combine them! I’m all for multi-tasking, even when it comes to taking time to BE PRESENT! **Take a twenty minute walk daily. It doesn’t matter what time of day or even if you break it up into two ten minute walks, but do it—every day. While you’re walking think about your breathing. Feel each heel strike. Notice your arms swinging at your sides. Be aware of your posture, tuning in your abdomen and keeping your shoulders back. This conscious awareness of your body is as much a meditation as sitting cross-legged on a mat.

4)      STRETCH-I suggest frequent stretch breaks throughout the day. If you join a yoga class and go 2-3 times a week, maybe this isn’t as important, but if you are sitting at your computer for several hours a day, it’s beneficial and takes no time at all to stop for a few minutes every hour and stretch. If you don’t know what stretches to do or have some physical limitations that prevent you from exercising, seek advice from a physical therapist or qualified trainer.IMAG0098

5)      START WITH PROTEIN and FIBER-Starting your day with carbohydrates sets you up for blood sugar spikes and dips that will have you craving a candy bar before noon. Skip the bagel or the cold cereal and opt instead for an egg white omelet with veggies or a bowl of oatmeal or multigrain hot cereal with nuts, cinnamon, and fruit. (Cinnamon is a natural anti-inflammatory). Loading your breakfast with high protein, high fiber and nutrient packed foods will keep your blood sugar levels balanced and help curb cravings. A handful of nuts or a high protein yogurt (Greek yogurt is yummy and packs about 15 grams of protein) for your mid-morning or late afternoon snack will keep you from binging at meal times.

6)      VITAMINS-Due to soil depletion, over processing of foods, and our generally poor diets, most of us are vitamin deficient and don’t know it. Fatigue, weight gain, inability to concentrate, skin conditions, joint pains, neurological symptoms…you name it, vitamin deficiencies could be the cause. A daily multi-vitamin is a must and some people could benefit from other supplements depending on your individual needs. You may have to see a nutritionist or Naturopath to address this issue. Ask your doctor if he/she can perform a blood panel to screen for vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Many women in particular are lacking in Vitamin D, which can lead to a whole host of ailments including porous bones and hair loss…eeek! It’s worth a blood test.

7)      STRENGTHEN YOUR MIND AND BODY-Lifting light weights, swimming, yoga, cycling, or even dancing around your house with the vacuum cleaner are all ways to burn calories and strengthen your core (the muscles of your trunk that offer a stable center for your extremities to work from.) In addition to strengthening muscles and improving your posture and balance, regular exercise strengthens your heart, releases endorphins that ease pain, and improves your mental attitude/mood. When you feel strong, you are more confident. If you need another convincing tid-bit, lean muscle mass burns calories more efficiently and your clothes fit better.IMAG0091

8)      AFFIRMATIONS-I’m a consummate goal setter. Not that I achieve all of my goals, mind you, but I make them, check in on them now and then, and adjust the plan accordingly. What I do know about goal setting is that I have to be able to imagine the desired outcome before I can make it a reality. I have to believe I can achieve it, and then I have to speak it into existence by making choices that lead me in the direction of achieving my goal. Affirmations are those positive messages that I speak to make my goals come to fruition. **Start every writing session with an affirmation. Ie: “I am an excellent writer. I am a bestselling author,” etc. Start every workout with an affirmation. Ie: “I am lean, healthy, and strong. I look awesome in size eight jeans”…you get the picture. See it, believe it is possible, and speak it into existence as if it is already the reality. Over time, your brain has no choice but to comply by making it so, and eventually your body will catch on.

9)      RELATIONSHIPS-“No man (or woman) is an Island.” Or so the saying goes. I don’t know about you, but I would be nowhere without the help and friendship of other writers, friends, family, and especially my dear husband. It’s easy to become isolated when so many of our hours are spent behind a computer screen. Connecting with and showing appreciation for the people in my life is something I don’t ever want to put off until tomorrow. There comes a time in every life when tomorrow won’t come for us or a loved one. **Don’t let a day go by without showing the people in your life how much they mean to you.

10)  GRATITUDE THROUGH KINDNESS-I’m a big believer in random acts of kindness. Nothing gets you out of your own head and gives you a lift as much as showing your gratitude for all that you have in your life by paying it forward. It’s much easier to see the good in your life when you recognize a need and fill it in someone else’s life. Volunteer, reach out to help someone in need, donate your time or money to a worthy cause. Get involved. We are all intricately connected in this world and there is no reason why any of us should feel alone.

Any other tips you want to share?

Blessings in the New Year,



Hidey-Ho Scribblers!  J Monkeys here.  A crazy thing happened to me earlier this week and I thought I’d share it with you.  I woke up at 2:30 in the morning to the smell of cigarette smoke outside my bedroom window.   This is especially weird for several reasons:

1.  I live in a house with a fenced-in back yard,

2.  Nobody in my household smokes cigarettes,

3.  Everyone in my household who could smoke was asleep at 2:30 in the morning.

That left only one conclusion – someone sinister was lurking in the yard, smoking to pass the time until he was ready to unleash his evil plan.  I tried to wake Hubby-O-Mine, to no success.  The dog continued to snore, as well, as I crept around my house, clad only in jammies, peering out windows looking into the darkness, searching for the telltale glow from the red tip of the smoker’s cigarette.  I didn’t see anyone, so I went back to bed.  Of course I couldn’t sleep.  I’ve watched too many episodes of Criminal Minds for that. 


Shemar Moore is Dreamy!

After a few minutes of waiting for things to go bump in the night, I flipped on my bedside lamp and read for a few hours.  I figured that the lamp would spook our would-be home invader, anyway.  Eventually the smell dissipated and I began to think that I had dreamt it.

Around 4:30, I was starting to drift back to sleep, so I figured it was safe and turned the light back off.  Everything was fine, until 5:30 when I once again jumped from dreamy sleep to fully awake because it smelled like someone was blowing smoke through my window.  This time, I shoved Hubby awake.  I wanted to be sure I wasn’t imagining things.  He agreed that the air smelled suspicious and even got up and did the peering-through-the-windows thing for me.

We never did see or hear anyone outside.  It was a very muggy night, so we decided that a neighbor or someone, was smoking in their yard and the smoke just hung there.  Perhaps there was a fire nearby.  We live right on the boarder of the next state so it’s very possible that a fire could have happened there and I wouldn’t know about it.  But it got me thinking…always rife with trouble, I know.

Do I include enough smells in my writing? They (you know them, right?) say that smells are the strongest memories.  I can attest to that.  I went to sleep away camp as a child and I LOVED it.  I always wanted to be a counselor at the camp, but when I was in high school and college, I couldn’t afford to work for so little money.  When I was 27 I found myself with the possibility of a summer off and decided to fulfill that lifelong dream.  I interviewed for the job in February and when the director gave me a tour of the facility, I walked into one of the big cabins where the kids sleep.  They hadn’t been updated since I had been there last, about 15 years earlier, and after just one whiff, I thought to myself, “Yup, this is what camp smells like!”

But even aside from memories, what about pheromones?  I can tell you, again from personal experience, that pheromones are pretty strong, too.  Later that same summer, I was on a date with one of the other counselors from that very camp (I now call this fella Hubby-O-Mine, you may have heard of him…).  We were at a movie and I couldn’t get over how AWESOME this guy smelled.  Not like cologne or something like that…but just the essence of him.  Of course, 15 year later and I can’t always say he smells that way – more often it’s some kind of coffee/beef jerky/sweat kind of thing nowadays, but hey – the pheromones got me early on!

Today’s secret: the sense of smell is very powerful – and 20% of a human’s ability to sense.  Don’t leave it out!

Today’s question: So writer friends, are you adding enough smells to your stories? 

I Had a Dream…

Hidey-ho, Scriblers, J here.  Saturday again already – can you believe it?  First, I’d like to mention that February is Black History month – click here for some cool information.  And since my post today is about dreams, the title seemed doubly fitting.

Do you dream?  Lots of people I talk to don’t.  Or at least they never remember their dreams…ever.  Some folks tell me that they can occasionally recall a wisp of something, a hint of a thought, sheer like gossamer and as intangible as a breeze.  Others tell me they dream in black and white, or something akin to still photos.

Not me, dude.  I dream in a high action, Technicolor bonanza, complete with characters, plot, costume and car chases.  In fact, I often wake up exhausted from these antics, as I did this morning.

Let me tell you what woke me this morning.  After a high speed car chase where I was a passenger in a black 1970’s sports car doing upwards of 200 miles per hour, trying to catch up to a rogue cop-robot (thank God the road was perfectly straight with no other traffic), where the driver was a handsome man working dangerously to clear his name (he looked suspiciously like Jason O’Mara, the hero in One for the Money, which I saw earlier this week – fun movie!), we took it to the regular high way, weaving in and out of traffic, now chasing two of the out of control cop-robots. 

These cop-robots looked a bit like the robots in the movie iRobot, but bulkier especially around the shoulders.  They sped along, hunched over on all fours in a fast rollerblading, side to side motion.  I think one of the Autobots in the Transformer movies moves like that.  Well, the cop-robots were the bad guys and we were trying to knock them into each other to kill them off, while not endangering society in any way, but we weren’t successful.  And the dream changed.

This happens often.  One minute I’ll be somewhere doing one thing and the next I’ll be in a new location – but it seems to make sense at the time.  It’s only later when I’m trying to explain this adventure to someone (poor hubby!) that I realize how jumpy things are.  Well anyway, the hero (the driver – he didn’t have a name) had been captured and we were trying to rescue him.  Now I was his teenaged son.  We (the resistance force – a ragtag army no better prepared than the farmers with pitchforks who beat the world’s best army in 1783) were lined up in a big “T” junction corridor in some kind of industrial building…ready to rescue our handsome hero (golly, he needs a name!) when some of our forces carefully took several steps, revealing guns pointed at us.  We had been betrayed. 

Sadly, the guy standing next me was shot in the butt and the knee.  They thought he was the hero’s son, not me.  I begged him to remain quiet.  Apparently, I’m quite the coward.  But in the end we escaped to the parking garage.  I carried the shot guy most of the way.  Unfortunately it was very dark and we couldn’t see.  I was trying to tear a sheet with my teeth, the way they always do in the movies – it was really hard!  Just as I had my bandage ready to go, while reveling in our escape, a barge moved into the garage along a canal that I hadn’t previously noticed.  A voice came through a speaker, garbled with static, but still creepy.  “Goodbye,” it said.

The barge exploded in a tinkling of broken glass.  I could feel the heat of the fire creeping along the cold cement floor, heating it up beyond what a human could stand.  The orangey glow of the flames licked ever closer.  I could hear the panic behind me – there was no way out.  We would all burn – a terrible death.  Quick when compared to something like cancer, but agonizing anyway.  I watched and listened as the flames crept ever closer…

And my eyes snapped open.  My 20/300 uncorrected vision noted a strange reddish glow on the wall of my bedroom, but the comforting tangle of bodies (husband and dog – get your head out of the gutter!) told me that everything was just as it ought to be.  I tried to go back to sleep – it was 4:45 am, but every time, I fell back into the same place – desperately trying to find an escape and rescue us all. 

So, I’m exhausted.  It’s 8:43 am on Friday, I’ve got a full day ahead of me, with no time to nap. Oh well, at least I got a blog post out of it, right?  And let’s be real, I’ll use it in some story somewhere.  Maybe I should go back to keeping a dream journal so I don’t forget these adventures.

I recently read about a nifty new invention.  Time magazine noted that in 2011 some doctor created a machine that can lift images out of the brain and project them onto a TV screen.  I’d love to have one of those to suction-cup to my head at night and record my dreams like a DVR.  Then I’d just have to write them down…hubby might not find it all that sexy, though.

Today’s secret: Writing inspiration is everywhere – even in your head whilst sleeping.  Take advantage.

Today’s question: Is it just us writers who dream like this?  Maybe that’s why we are writers…What are your dreams like?

Sleeping Arrangements…

“Come here. I’m cold,” my friend’s husband said to her the other night while they were in bed. She didn’t want to. She was hot and the last thing she wanted to do was cuddle with her husband. So she tried to explain it to him very nicely that she’d rather not. Of course, like some men do, he got his feelings hurt.

Dream Land

Our friend who has been married for thirty-five years said, “Well that’s just too damn bad for him. Tell him to get over it. Men think just because they married you that they can sleep all over you and steal blankets and take up far too much space on the bed. Jim and I went separate blankets twenty years ago and I’ve never been happier. Because if we hadn’t and I had to feel his over long toe nails scrap my leg one more time divorce, or murder was in our future.” I love that woman.

“Well you can do what Barb and Art do,” our other friend said referring to her parents. “Separate twin beds. Like Lucy and Desi.”

To which I replied, “Do people actually do that? I thought it was just for TV.”

“Nope,” she chuckled. “They even had the nightstand in the middle.”

“But aren’t there four kids in your family?” I know the next question I was going to ask was probably far too personal. But, hey, I had to know. “How did they, um, you know… progress with the baby making?”

Thankfully my friend didn’t mind the question and laughed. “I asked my mother the same thing when I was a teenager and all she said was, good balance.”

That conversation caused me to think about my own parents. When I went away to college my mother started to sleep in my bedroom. She’ll cheerfully kill me if she ever found out I wrote this but, she’s a horrible sleeper. She snores. She’s a cover hog. I’m pretty sure she has that Restless Leg thing. I, who had to share a bed with her for three days while on vacation vowed to never sleep with her again and praised my father for being able to bear it for the past thirty-six years. But I guess he doesn’t mind her annoying sleeping habits, because when she migrated to my bedroom, his feelings were hurt.

I remember that phone call my freshman year clearly. “Your father thinks I don’t like him.”

“Well, do you?”

“Yeah, sometimes. I didn’t think he would mind sleeping apart but I guess he does.” They haven’t slept apart ever since.I still feel sorry for him.

Is sleeping apart really so bad?

In Regency romances the hero and heroine usually start out in separate bedrooms, but as their story progresses, their love grows and those figurative walls come down they begin to share the same bedroom. But of course in romance novels the hero is never a cover hog.

I’m sure there are some experts that say there might be intimacy problems in your marriage if you can’t share the same bed. But what if you share EVERYTHING else with your spouse besides bedtime? What if you really like your space?  What if you like sleeping in the middle of the bed? What if your husband is a really cool dude during the day but snores like a chain saw at night? Is it really wrong to want to sleep alone?

I’ll be honest the thought of sharing a single bed with somebody for the rest of my life never thrilled me. I’m an extremely light sleeper. Any and everything wakes me up, the sound of a watch ticking, the wind blowing, a toilet flushing and I shoot up. Plus I wake up before five even on weekends and I’m not too keen on being touched in my sleep. Yes, I fully realize I have issues. Yet, I know my sleeping habits would drive some people crazy. But if my spouse decided he couldn’t take it anymore and had to sleep in a separate bedroom, would I get my feelings hurt? I probably would. I’m such a girl that way.

So I can see the issue from both sides, and if you want to see a funny little cartoon, that I didn’t draw but illustrates what many people face click here.

Your turn! I want to know what you think about the issue. To sleep together or not to sleep together? Secretly wish you could kick your spouse out of bed? Are you a cover hog? Are they a cover hog? How did you sleep last night? Any and all comments are welcome.