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Are we there, yet?

Anyone who has kids or has been a kid has heard this line before. A journey can be tedious when we have a point A and a point B, but no sense of direction on how we plan to get there.  There are times you might even be unsure if you ever made it.

I started a blog last week about going after your dreams. For me, Katy Lee, that dream is following the road to publication. But that road is not going to be the same for me as it will be for you.  It will not be the same distance for one writer compared to another. Even the directions one writer takes will vary across the map. But one thing every writer will have, are various milestones they each must pass through before reaching their final destination.

The ancient Romans were famous for their beautiful and well-built roads. In fact, many of these roads can still be used today. But something that made the Roman roads so unique is that no one ever had to ask, “Are we there, yet?” Because along the roads, the Romans put up stone pillars and carved into them the distance between towns. A traveler on a Roman road could look at these milestones and know exactly how much farther they had to go.

They could celebrate when they reached the halfway mark. They could rest up when they knew they had a long stretch ahead of them, and when they were exhausted and ready to quit, they could look at their milestones to see just how far they had come. And when they reached their destination, there was no doubt in their minds they had made it.

They could do all these things because their milestones had been written down.

The Unlocked Secret: We all have goals we need to attain in order to reach our destination, but if we don’t write them down, we won’t be able to see how far we’ve come. We won’t be able to celebrate the small victories. And worse, if we don’t know how much farther we have to go, we might quit before we ever get there.

So how do you keep track of your goals? And what do you do to celebrate when you’ve completed them?

Coming out of the writer’s closet….

Hello. My name is Jamie Pope and I write… Get ready for it…. Ready? I write romance novels. Phew! There I said. Step one. Check. What a load off my back. Almost no one knows that I write. It is-was- my well kept little secret, the thing I did alone in my room under the cover of night. And the reason that I kept it a secret  for so long was fear of one little question: What do you write? I love romance novels, they are somewhat of an obession for me. I discovered them when I was sixteen and looking for a way to escape my mundane teenage life.  Since then I have read hundreds upon hundreds of them. I can tell a good one from a bad one. I can tell when a writer loves their work or is just phoning it in. I can recite the format blindfolded with my hands tied behind my back and plugs in my ears. So with all of that ,why should I be afraid of a single little question? Here’s the answer: Inside all of us is a self conscious thirteen year old little girl. Remember her? The girl who thinks everybody is looking at her. The one who is having a miserable day because she can’t get her hair right . The one who thinks everybody is judging her. That’s me. I feared that by telling the world I wrote romance novels no one would take me seriously as a writer. I even imagined some jaded people rolling their eyes, immediately dismissing what I do because they think only Harper Lee or John Steinbeck can write a great novel. Taking that into account,I thought I might say that I wrote Women’s fiction. I am a woman.(Hear me roar!) Half the world is made up of women. Besides, women’s fiction sounded so serious and I am serious, very much so, about my writing. But then that label didn’t work for me either. My writing is funny or at least I hope it is, so I thought maybe Chick Lit would fit. But I immediately disregarded that because something about that phrase annoys me. Nobody calls any form of writing Dude Lit. So back to romance it is because I write about strong women, and hot men. Because I write happily ever afters. Because I write steamy love scenes. Because I write about the kind of love lives most women wished they had. Because I belong to the RWA and CTRWA. Because I am in great company with Nora Roberts and Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Rachel Gibson and thousands of other unpublished hopefuls. Phew! There I said it. My name is Jamie Pope and I proudly write romance novels.