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Cooped Up with Winter Funk

Hi.  J Monkeys here, channeling my inner Ross Geller.  Can’t you just hear him, in that whiny, dejected voice saying “Hi.”  Oooh, maybe I can find a video on YouTube.  Yup.  Here it is.  I feel like the 3rd one. 

I’ve got the winter blues.  It’s been WICKED cold here in CT for the last week or two.  I don’t know, it feels like forever.  I can’t seem to summon the energy to do anything other than huddle in front of the fire, wearing my warmest sweatshirt, bundled in a blanket, watching a movie. 

Yeah, yeah, I’ve been working in my office – reorganizing, cleaning and getting rid of the clutter.  But the job isn’t done yet.  I’ve got a good 7 hours to go.  And I’ve been working toward my other January goals, too.  But I’m feeling down.  I’d love to get out and go for a walk, but I’ve been busy with boring household chores and the wind chill hasn’t been very inviting. 

groundhog-10I get like this every year this time.  I hold out hope that Punxsutawney Phil will predict an early spring, but it always seems to come around March 21st no matter what the rodent says.  Maybe I need a viewing of Groundhog Day.  Or maybe a pedicure.  Either way, my creative juices seem to be frozen, along with any motivation I usually manage to muster.  What’s a girl to do?  Maybe I should check IMDB and see what Mr. S has got going on.  Hmm.  I haven’t seen Disconnect or What Masie Knew.  Maybe I should get them on Netflix.

Today’s secret: I’m frozen.  And not just because I keep the thermostat at 58.

Today’s question: How do you recharge your batteries when the sputter out on you?  Unfortunately, a much needed trip to the Caribbean is out of the question.