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Green Monster Mash

Hello my lovelies, Suze here. Today’s post is a Monster Mash(up) of fun stuff. I’ve got a squillion things to do, but I’ve got a few thoughts for you.

game[1]First, I’m off to Punkin’ Chunkin’ in Delaware. Click here for more information–and seriously, if you can get yourself to Delaware and you love pumpkins and machines that can make them fly, do it. What’s not to love about a festival whose mission is to support various charities, and whose motto is “We’re Gonna Hurl” ? If you go, let me know and maybe we can meet up over a cup of pumpkin chili.

th[1]Second, How ’bout them Sox? I didn’t get to see the final game of the World Series last night since Sister Scribe Katy Lee and I were at the Citizen’s Police Academy last night. I grew up in Yankees country but now live in the Red Sox Nation so I, ahem, swing both ways when it comes to my baseball loyalty. But seriously, folks. After the horrible tragedies in and near Boston over the past few months, no city deserves a World Series win more. Let’s all put on a beard and sing Sweet Caroline!

Reese's-PB-Cups-Wrapper-Small[1]And third, of course today’s Halloween. How will you be celebrating this most funnest of holidays? At our house we rarely get trick-or-treaters, but I buy candy just in case. The teenaged Crown Prince of Hardydom is officially too old for the mobile costume candy extortion plot, so we will have significantly less goodies in the house this year. I guess that’s okay–I only bought candy we like. My candy of choice is anything with peanut butter and chocolate–Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Payday, Nutrageous–or dark chocolate like Dove or Lindt.

What’s going on in your world? What’s your favorite crazy festival? Who’s your favorite baseball team? Would you wear the beard? And what’s your favorite candy? So many questions…

Here’s my favorite Halloween song for your listening pleasure (click here). Have a great day, friends!

Facebook Failures…. More on Social Media

So I must admit I don’t have a Facebook fan page yet. Mostly because I keep waffling about my pen name, which is Sugar Jamison. Is it dumb? Absolutely. BUT my grandmother’s name is Cookie. Even her license plate says so. Her real name is Helen. (Boring) My mother’s name is Candy. I had no idea that her real name was Regina until I was six. I seem to come from a family of stripper names so why not continue to trend to the 3rd generation. Cookie… Candy… Sugar.  Get it?

The other reason I haven’t done the fan page thing yet is because I have been far too lazy to set it up. I know you need 25 likes to activate it and from what I heard from some other people setting one up can be a small pain. I know this needs to be done in the near future. Those of you out there who have one can school me on this.  Does a fan page allow you to as voyeuristic as a regular page? Do I have access to a person’s entire profile just because they liked me? Or do we need to be true Facebook Friends for that honor?

I think the reason we like Facebook is because we can see another person’s life through their posts, pictures and likes. I follow my a few of my favorite authors on there. Jill Shalvis does and excellent job connecting with her fans. She and Kristan Higgins’ man wars are the highlight of my day when they happen and my news feed is filled with sexy bare-chested, dreamy-eyed men. And I love Molly O’Keefe who let us in to her life by posting a video of her son riding a bike for the first time and her little girl on the beach. Like her page if you get a chance and buy her book(CAN’T BUY ME LOVE) when it comes out June 26. (Read the ARC and I LOVED it. And I don’t often love books.)

But that doesn’t mean Facebook is without its faults. I can’t blame the founders of Facebook for it but the people who use it. Here’s why…

  • My own cousin likes to post pictures of herself in her underwear. Seriously? Nobody wants to see that. But I think it’s a small attempt to get back at her mother who is extremely religious and conservative. I think she starts each day thinking of how she can disappoint her mother.
  • People who make extreme political statements. Dude, I don’t care if you don’t like the president or the governor or the mayor. We all have the right to freedom of speech but I rather you keep your profanity laced rants about politicians to yourself. What happened to showing people a tiny bit of respect?
  • The people who are always posting depressing stuff about how their life is miserable, or how lonely they are. Trust me you aren’t going to find what makes you happy if you spend your whole day complaining on Facebook.
  • Finally and this really annoys me. The people and I hate to say this but they are usually women who like to play out their drama on Facebook for all the world to see. This actually came from my news feed and is the only clean example that I could use.

They say money cant buy happiness..i disagree! If he isnt going to be a dad to his kids and love them, hes gonna pay for their happiness! Ill make sure it happens! 24 days again, not a txt, call or letter in the mail to make sure his kids are ok!! Smh. and hes work a 2nd job for 5 months now that i have been kind enuf to not drag his ass to court to collect from that! Well no more! he doesnt need the xtra $ to feed his fat ass make it even fatter! My kids could use it for sports and dance and movies etc!  Soooo hiho hiho its back to court we go!! .

OMG that is personal! Nobody outside of her family needs to know that. Facebook is not the appropriate forum to play out family drama. Plus it’s just not classy and it doesn’t just lower my opinion of him but of her too.

The point to all this is keep it classy on the internet folks.

Your turn! What do you think about Facebook? Like it? Hate it? Did you buy stock? Is it your prefered method of social media? Wanna be friends? Any and all comments are welcome.