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Dying in a Dream by J Monkeys

Hiddey-Ho Scribblers!  J Monkeys here.  I only have a quick minute today because I’m joining PJ Sharon at the Granville Harvest Fair – if you are in South Western Massachusetts today, come on down!  I hear the pie is to die for.

Speaking of dying, did you ever wonder about that urban legend where if you die in a dream you die in reality?  Honestly, it crossed my mind, but I’ve never spent much time wondering about it. 

Well, as of 56 minutes ago, I can tell you that it is absolutely NOT true!  When my alarm went off at 6:00 this morning, I had just been dreaming about being in a train station when armed gunmen – zillions of ’em – came for me.  I hid behind a pole that was way narrower than me and fired back (don’t know where I got a gun) but in the end I was overwhelmed.  I tried using the big gun as a club – but I only clubbed a couple before some guy was dancing (kind of a Russian dance, where he was bouncing and kicking his feet out) and waving a knife in my face.  A bunch of bullets got me and I fell, just as the alarm went off.

Now this was an unusual dream for me.  I often wake tired from saving the world – but I’ve never really failed at it before.  Hmmm – that’s a thought that’s gonna fester.

Today’s Secret: I’m alive now and about to pack up my car for the Harvest Fair, so dying in a dream, won’t kill you in reality.

Today’s Question: What urban legends do you worry about?