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Interview With The Vamp

Hi, everybody. Suze here. Guess what? I’ve invited a new friend to come visit with us today. Let’s give a big Scribes welcome to Chryssie Papadopoulos, secretly known as Eva Prim (shhh! Don’t tell anyone!)

get-attachment[1]Hey, Eva! What’s new?

New? Well, I have a book coming out, finally. You know it really annoyed me to have to wait on Jordan to get her head on straight about this book. Like her other books could ever be as good as mine? No chance. I hate to make her feel bad, but she shouldn’t have made me wait. I do not like to wait.

Okay, so tell me all the yummy details.

I’d love to. Well, it’s sort of a slice of my life. As with any good book there’s drama, highs and lows, romance, sex, vampires, demons and some werewolves. Oh, and chocolate, computers, cell phones, blogging, emails and texting. A court scene (again- so irritating to have to repeatedly defend yourself).

What’s this Snack of the Week Club I’ve heard about?

The Snack of the Week Club is a club for all my closest friends. They get sneak peeks for all my books, snack discounts like Harvard Sweet Boutique. We discuss books, shows, snacks, and life (or death) in general. Every week I interview one of my snacks, I mean friends…friends, definitely meant friends. Anyway, I interview a member because I like to know about everyone. It’s fun. You should join. What’s your blood type anyway?

Oh, I forgot. On that last question about the book– there’s also deception, heartbreak, more deception, some accusations of kidnapping and theft. In the end I conquer all! It’s a damn good book. Wow. I might read it again tonight.

Accidentally released any demons lately?

Um, no. I haven’t released any. I’ve been very careful. Actually, who am I kidding? I can’t find The Book so there’s no way to release any more demons. Not that I’m looking for The Book. I’m just saying I know Stefan hid The Book so that there wouldn’t be any other accidents.

Between you and me I think he’s being ridiculous. Could lightning really strike twice?

get-attachment[1] (2)Stefan is hot. Scary, but scorchin’ hot. How did you two meet?


Oh, I love this story. Thank you for asking. It was many years ago–1832, summertime. In Bristol, Rhode Island. I’m from Bristol, was born there. Even turned vampire there. Anyway, I went to the docks with my father to purchase fish. The boats had just returned. While we were making our inquiries about some slimy fish and oysters, actually my father was inquiring. I was trying not to step in anything too smelly. The docks really are a stinky place. Usually I tried not to look too disgusted at the stench of dead fish and dirty men, which I have to say is not an easy thing to do. Have you ever been down to the fishing docks when the ships return? Disgusting. Anyway, on that evening there was some other scent on the wind, something not even remotely disgusting. On the contrary, it was wonderful. Sort of a smoldering vanilla scent, smoky and manly and utterly intoxicating. I had never smelled anything like it.

I couldn’t smell anything else, and I didn’t want to either. I glanced up and my attention went straight to the source. Standing on the deck of a large ship was the most beautiful man I’d ever seen. His black hair rustled in the wind. His long coat flapped. His dark eyes met mine and I could hardly keep from blushing. He looked at me like I was the only woman he’d ever seen. And when he smiled, my stomach flipped. I loved him instantly and it wasn’t vampire influence either.

I could hardly believe he was looking at me, but he was. He followed me home. My father didn’t notice, but I did. I caught him slinking behind trees and scurrying off to hide in doorways so that I wouldn’t notice. There was no way I could miss him. He was the most exotic man to set foot in that town. Ah…

How do you keep him from straying? What’s your best marriage advice for keeping the love alive while the body is dead?

This is an outstanding question. I have to say the most important thing is to spend time together just the two of you, alone, not worrying about crap or people. You have to enjoy your time, unwind, cut loose, get frisky. You know what I mean?

Can I get a V-Mail account? I’d like to be in on all the secret Vampire stuff.

Okay, now you’re going to get me in trouble. You’re not even supposed to know about that. Just forget you heard of that. No V-Mail for you or anyone not already on this side of things. Though, if your status changes and you come over you can have one. We’ll talk.

Halloween is coming. What should I wear for the most authentic vampire look?

You probably don’t even realize there are vampires all around you. You could go like yourself and just fit in. Oh, wait, when you said authentic did you mean shifted, you know, true vampire state? If that’s what you meant I suggest you not go as a vampire because nobody really likes us in that state and we don’t even like ourselves like that. I mean, really? No one likes a gargoyle on steroids. Nobody.

Eva's Friend, Jordan K. Rose
Eva’s Friend, Jordan K. Rose
Thanks for stopping by, Chryssie. Her book will be available on October 3. Here’s where you can find Chryssie/Eva and her friend, Jordan K. Rose:

Pitch Like a Pro

The Scribes welcome Jordan K. Rose today.  She’s agreed to share her “pitching” techniques.  Thanks for being with us, Jordan, and take it away!

The querying process can be a dreadful, tedious process with all it’s researching and formatting and emailing. But pitching, face-to-face pitching, is absolutely terrifying, right? Sure. But does it have to be? Nope. When I have a manuscript ready to send out, that is, it’s in as perfect a condition as I can get it without an editor, I pitch at every conference. Why? Because for me conference pitching is the only opportunity I have to spend eight minutes sitting with an agent or editor who is totally focused on me. I strongly recommend that any writer with a manuscript that’s ready to go do the same.

I prepare for each meeting in exactly the same way. I research the person to whom I’m pitching. First, and this seems rather obvious, I never pitch to anyone who is not actively accepting the type of stories I write. It makes absolutely no sense for me to pitch my paranormal romance to an agent representing sports biographies. Not only are you wasting your time, but you’re making a bad impression.

Researching editors isn’t always easy to do. Agents tend to have a lot more information out there. When I can’t find anything on an editor or agent, I use a few standard points, listed below.

  • Draft a back of book blurb to use as a pitch. They’re short and enticing. Exactly what you need.
  • Know where you believe your book should be marketed. Editors and agents always want to know that you understand what your market is. Have you written an urban fantasy with lots of juicy sex scenes and vampires and werewolves? You probably want your book shelved beside Laurell K. Hamilton’s and not with Debbie Macomber’s.
  • Be absolutely secure in explaining your writing goals. Do you intend to write full time at some point or are you just planning to write a few books over the next several years? Neither is a bad goal. But be sure you know what your goal is and that you’re able to articulate it.

Those are some basics. The agent/editor will ask you questions. She will want to know about your hero’s foibles or why the homeless heroine doesn’t simply move out of town when she inherits her aunt’s estate in sunny California. The agent will lead the conversation. Don’t you worry about that.

Most agents and editors want you to be comfortable so that you are able to pitch. They want to buy books. They want to make big sales. They’ve attended this conference and agreed to take pitches because they want to meet with you.

Remember, this is a business meeting. The goal is to sell your book and not just to anybody. Oh, no. You want to sell your book to the right person. You want to be represented by the best agent for you. Just because you have an opportunity to meet with one of the most popular agents in the industry does not mean that she is the best agent for you. Just because she has sold her last twenty books to one of the Big Six does not mean that she can help you reach your goals.

Interview her. Ask her the questions that you need answered before deciding if she’s the agent for you. What’s her process? How often does she communicate with her authors? Does she do any editing before sending books out on submission? What can she do for you that you can’t do for yourself? Can she tell you about a time when she caught something in a contract that she thought would have been detrimental to the author? How did she handle it? Where does she see the market going in the next twelve months? What trends in terms of promotion does she think work well? What does she suggest a writer avoid?

These are only examples of what you could ask. Think about what is important to you and ask it. Be professional. Asking her about her children and how she will juggle your career and having another baby is not appropriate. Women have been juggling families and work for years and years and years. Don’t waste your precious eight minutes on a question like that.

As with any meeting preparation is key. Know your audience. Put your best foot forward. Preparation will make your presentation professional and boost your confidence. After all, you’re the talent. You wrote a wonderful story that thousands of readers are aching to read and one lucky publishing house is just dying to buy. Now go out there a pitch like a pro.

Thanks Jordan!  Jordan’s first book, Perpetual Light, will be available Winter 2012.  You can find more from Jordan at her website, www.jordankrose.com and on Crescent Moon Press.

All you need to wear for Halloween is the Vibe

Hey ~ V here.  For Spooky Week, I thought I’d bring in a real live Vampire to tell us how to pull off the ultimate in Halloween Costume – how to be a Vampire.  If you don’t know Eva Prim, you need to check her out, ’cause she’s quite a character!  Click here to read her blog.

First, thank you so much to the Seven Scribes. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to participate in your Spooky Week blog. It’s my first guest appearance, and I’m delighted to spend it here with you fantastic ladies. As you may or may not know I’m on the hunt (No need to worry. That’s just an expression to indicate how serious I am about it.) for new friends. Girl- friends. And I’m more than happy to have all seven of you, if you’re interested, which I hope you are because I really want you as friends.

Okay, to show what a great friend I am I’d like to provide some advice on how to portray a vampire in a believable way. This year you’ll fool real vampires. I love a good practical joke. Of course, you might not want to laugh in the face of a real vampire. (That’s another bit of free advice.)

Now, contrary to popular belief it’s not in the costume. What you wear doesn’t matter in the slightest. Though do not, let me emphasize this, DO NOT wear those dumbass fake fangs or drip blood down your chin. No self-respecting vampire wears her food. And the fake fangs only make you look like a dork. And, real vampires don’t walk around with their fangs out all the time anyway.

The key to the whole costume is The Vibe. You must have it, give it, wear it, be it. You must exude Vampire. Be one with your inner vampire. She’s in there. Do some yoga or meditation or something, but let her out.

Here are the Four C’s of successfully portraying a vampire when you are actually vampire food. (I know. You were expecting four V’s, weren’t you? Well, here are four V’s that totally will not work: Vacuous, Vapid, Vaporific, and Vain. Though I know a couple vampires who come pretty damn close. Hey, don’t judge. Every society has its weirdoes.)

  1. Confidence. We have it. If you’re not confident, you’re not pulling it off.
  2. Coordination. We don’t trip, stumble, fall, drop things, knock glasses over, or bump into people. We know where we are in relation to everything at all times.
  3. Collected. Vampires always have it together. We never wonder if we’ll know anyone at a party. We don’t care because we know everyone there will want to know us. (Yeah, that whole vampire charm thing really helps with this.)
  4. Calm. We are cool as cucumbers (notice the C’s.) in every situation. Even if the building catches fire, we remain calm. (Okay, maybe not. Maybe we run like hell. However, we do it in a very coordinated way. We will knock you down or plow right through you, but we are very confident about the need to exit the building.)

So there you have it. Forget dressing up like some hack vampire. Just bring on The Vibe. It’s all you need.

As always I’m more than happy to answer any questions about this topic or any other. I’d love to hear from the readers. I’m always looking for more friends.

You can find me on my website at www.evaprim.com

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