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Waiting on the Royal Bundle of Joy

Hello my lovelies. Suze here. Welcome, or welcome back!

IMGP0687[1]Unless you’ve been living under a rock or maybe in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire (where I had no cell service this past weekend, but that’s another story–and I’m not holding it against you New Hampshire-ites), you must know that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton and Prince William, are expecting a new little prince or princess any time now.

You may also remember from a prior post that I have a possibly inappropriate little thang for the Dad-to-be, but again, that’s another story (click here). Bald(ing) is beautiful, baby.

I’ll admit to being a royal watcher. I was a kid when Charles married Diana–I’ll never forget watching the royal wedding and marveling at the biggest darn dress I’d ever seen–and the mystique and pageantry fascinated me. I’ve followed their sons (no, not in a creepy stalker way. I don’t live close enough to them to do that!) since they were babies. And of course I watched the wedding of William and commoner Kate. Those two seem to genuinely love each other, so, like any good romance novel junkie, I hope they’ll get their Happily Ever After.

Without further ado, here are my predictions about the Royal BOJ:

slurpeeDance-slurpee[1]Birth date: Today, July 11, 2013. I’m rooting for 7/11 because I want the young prince/princess to be able to get free Slurpees at 7-Eleven on his/her birthday. That will leave more money in the royal budget for fascinators (princess) or ascots (prince).

Weight:     Hmmm, we like the number 7 around here, but Kate and Wills are both tall and I’m going to guess there’s a decent-sized baby in that bump. So I predict 8 pounds, 7 ounces.

Length:    21 inches = three times seven! Coincidence? I think not.

Eye Color: Dark blue, like most all babies.

Hair:   Yes, lots of hair, dark and straight like Kate’s.

Name–Boy: George Albert James. I know James is the current favorite for first name, but I’m going to go with George, the name of Queen Elizabeth’s father. Albert of course was Queen Victoria’s husband. I don’t think we’ll see Charles or Philip in there.

Name–Girl: Alexandra Elizabeth Victoria Diana. This was a tough one. Alexandra is the favorite for first name, and it’s a pretty, traditional yet modern-sounding name so I’m going to go with it. Since this year marks the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, the baby will have almost certainly have Elizabeth as a middle name as a tribute. Victoria because she was the longest reigning British monarch and it’s also quite a pretty (even if Victoria wasn’t, um, too cute). Diana is a no-brainer for a middle name–but too controversial to be a first name.

1223673[1]Sex:  Drum roll, please! Girl. I think we’re having a girl.

All right, everybody. Be bold and give us your predictions. Whoever gets the most right will get a shoutout on next week’s blog!


The Family Jewels

Happy Thursday, all.  Suze here.

Jewels.  Who doesn’t love ’em?  Shiny, sparkly, lustrous gifts of the earth and sea.  Wars have been fought over them.  Native peoples have been vanquished for them.  Ships have been wrecked, scattering them over the ocean floor.  And ever since we’ve had recorded history (and probably before), jewels have been given as symbols of promise and love.  The late screen goddess Liz Taylor knew this, perhaps better than anyone.  Her husbands (with the probable exception of her blue collar rehab-romance guy, Larry Fortensky) lavished her with diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and pearls.  Here’s Liz wearing the historic, often lost La Peregrina pearl — which Liz claims to have misplaced and found in her dog’s mouth!  LaPeregrina provided some of the inspiration for my Bonaparte Bay romantic mystery.

If you’re a history geek like me, or even if you’re not, click here for the story of La Peregrina.

What about recent events?  If you weren’t touched when Prince William gave Kate Middleton his mother’s diamond and sapphire engagement ring, go find another blog.  There’s nothing for you here.

So, Suze, you might be asking.  What’s the point?  Well, I’ve been thinking about historical romances, especially the Regencies, which I love.  And I wondered what it is about them that keeps me coming back.  I think it’s because (1) I am the aforementioned history geek; and (2) the heroes usually have titles (Dukes, Earls, Baronets), and this means the heroine gets a title too.  I think most of us, secretly or not so secretly, dream of being born noble, or marrying into the nobility.  A manly, devoted hero in (or out of!) breeches. Great wealth.  No housework or cooking to do, ever. Fabulous clothes and hairdos.  And a box full of inherited baubles to play with.  What’s not to love?

Who are your favorite Regency authors?  If you don’t read Regencies,  tell us about the gem you’d buy yourself if money were no object.  Give us the cut and carat weight, and describe the setting.  We’re dreaming here today!