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2012 – How did I do?

Hello world! J Monkeys here. New Year’s Day is just a few turns of the earth away. Are you a resolution maker? Like Suze said on Thursday, NYR’s often get made and blown in just a handful of days, but what about goals? In the words of Pretty Woman’s Kit De Luca, “You got a goal? Ya gotta have a goal.” And they (you know them, right?) say that goals which are written down are significantly more likely to be accomplished than those that are not.

So, last year, I set some goals for myself. Check ’em out. Before I announce my 2013 goals, I thought I’d see how I measure up for 2012.

1. Publish 6 Books: I’m behind, but not by much. Brook the Fish is complete and available for sale. The final version of DIY Publishing ~ Cheap & Easy will be uploaded to Createspace on 12-31-12. The final version of In the Woods will be uploaded to Createspace on 12-31-12. The next (and likely last) draft of illustrations for Dixie & Taco go to the Beach are available and awaiting my review. The first proof of Street Sign Scavenger Hunt will be ordered on 12-31-12. So that’s five nearly-finished books. I will absolutely have those done, and available for sale by 1-31-13.

When it comes to that 6th book, I’m less sure. The Fearsome Dane (a novella that goes along with my Livingston-Wexford Adventures) is 75% complete or more. My Genealogy Cookbook only wants for photography at this point. And I did create a personal organizer for 2012 which worked out so well that I’m creating one for 2013. The template will be available for sale by the end of January. Oh, and lest I forget, I’m about 1/2 way through the first draft of a new book as well. That’s five done in 13 months, with 4 others solidly in the hopper. Even though I didn’t actually publish 6 books in 2012, I’m happy with my progress and I’m calling it a win.

2. Sell Books: See, now, this was a poorly stated goal. I did sell books in 2012, so I could say that I met it, but I didn’t sell anywhere near as many as I would have liked. I had a marketing plan, I just didn’t follow it. I think that might be where I went wrong. But I sold books and I have better idea of what I need to do in the future so I’m calling it a win.

3. Lose 51 pounds: Sigh. Nope. Didn’t do it. On the flip side, I didn’t gain any weight either. In fact, I’m down 10 pounds from my January 1, 2012 weight. Not a win, but WAY better than 2011. Let’s call this one a draw.

4. Improve my credit score: Wow – sadly I REALLY didn’t make any progress on this one this year. With one thing and another, our credit score probably went down a smidge instead of up. Epic Fail.

5. Scrapbook 5 pages a week: Nope – I didn’t do this one either. But the spirit of it was to do things for myself, things that I like to do. And I have done that. My BFF-from-high-school-who-was-also-my-college-roommate and I have managed to get together for lunch 8 or 9 times this year which is GREAT! I’ve really missed her. Plus, I had not one, but two scrapbooking retreats in 2012 and I’ve taken the odd day for myself here and there. Let’s call that a win.

The total for 2012: 3 Wins, 1 Draw and 1 Fail. Not too shabby.

Today’s Secret: Write well defined goals and don’t forget to go back and see how you measure up. Remember why you wrote the goals that you did. Sometimes even when you don’t meet the stated goal, you might meet the spirit of it. Plus, they are your goals. Cut yourself some slack and take credit for the things you did rather than beat yourself up for those things you didn’t get to yet.

Today’s Question: How did you do with your 2012 goals?

And just for fun: here’s a link to a bit-o-fun for the year to come. Oh Alex…rumored to be Tarzan? I’d SO go see that movie!


2012 is 25% Done, Are You?

Hidey-Ho Scribblers.  J Monkeys here.  Well, well, well.  It’s March 30th.  The end of the 3rd month of the year.  That means 2012 is 25% of the way complete.  How about you?  Are you 25% of the way through your goals for the year?  Let’s see how I stack up.

Before the year began, I thought long and hard about what I wanted to accomplish this year and how I was going to measure my success.  Here’s my secret report card:

  1. Publish 6 books this year.  Well, so far I’ve worked out the template for my personal organizer and my family history cookbook.  Both templates will be available for sale soon.  The 3rd book in my Dixie and Taco kindergarten series is with the illustrator.  My novella is nearly finished; I’m just waiting for my cover artist to graduate from college (in 5 weeks!) and then it’ll be available.  DIY Publishing ~ Cheap & Easy is more than 2/3 written.  And the first book in my 1st Grade reader series, Brook the Fish, is in the queue for the illustrator, too.  I’m on track to have all six of these available before the summer is over and I plan to spend the second half of the year writing.  So I’ll judge goal #1 to be ahead of schedule.
  2. Sell books.  I really haven’t made any progress (or even effort) on this goal yet.  I do have plans in the hopper…so at least that’s something.  But I’m way behind schedule on goal #2.
  3. Lose 51 pounds before the year is over.  Sigh.  This is a perennial failure for me.  So far, I’ve made 10% progress rather than 25%, but at least it’s something.  I’m behind, but not horrifically.
  4. Improve my family’s credit score.  I’m happy with my progress to date on this goal.  I’ve run credit reports and found out our starting point.  I’ve organized our bills and gotten things on track.  And I’ve developed a system to keep on track. I’m happy with my progress here.
  5. Keep up my hair color.  This may seem silly, but I’ve gone gray very young and I have young children.  I’m pretty sick of folks telling me how cute my grandchildren are.  I must say, I’m doing well on this goal, too.  I’ve found a salon I like and my hair looks FABulous!  🙂
  6. Scrapbook 5 pages a week.  This is an important goal, because it reminds me to take a little bit of time for myself every week and do something fun.   That whole “All work and no play” thing.  While I haven’t actually done as much scrapbooking as I’d like, I have done some crafting, some catching up on TV shows & books, and I’m taking a fun class.  All in all, I’m calling this one “on target”.

As it balances out, I’m horribly behind on one goal, far ahead on another and on target with the rest.  I feel good.

Today’s question: how are you progressing toward your goals?