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Book vs. The Movie/TV Show – You be the judge

Happy Friday everyone. Casey here. Before I get to today’s topic, a few announcements:

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Now back to our show.

If your family and friends are anything like mine, you’ve had this conversation before. The book vs. the movie (or TV show) – which is better? Usually followed by passionate debate. The book readers tend to favor the book, mercilessly poking holes in the movie or TV version. The non-readers (who don’t have the book as reference) like the movie or show (unless the movie/show is bad and deserves the scorn).

For today’s discussion, let’s talk True Blood. Notice how I have used this opportunity to showcase the eye pleasing actor – Alexander Skarsgard. Yum. Okay, moving along…

Long before the show hit HBO and popular culture, I discovered a book by Charlaine Harris about a Louisiana barmaid who could read minds. The town of Bon Temp was populated with amazing and quirky denizens. In my head, I created mental images of all the characters. Sookie was Barbie doll pretty. Eric was tall, hot and hunky and Bill was dark and brooding. Sam was scruffy, yet cute. Jason was the typical jock, while Hoyt was a big loveable goofball.

When True Blood aired on HBO, I was pleasantly surprised by the casting. I love each of the actors and their portrayals. For me, they all pretty much match the image in my head of Charlaine Harris’ world. The only exception is Sookie. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Anna Paquin. She has the spunk and nerve of Sookie (just not the Barbie doll looks and that is okay!).

Storyline-wise – they have deviated from the books. And thank goodness, otherwise we wouldn’t have the spectacular Lafayette (as portrayed by the fabulous Nelsan Ellis) or Jessica (the fangtastic Deborah Ann Woll). To sustain a weekly TV program, the writers obviously had to stray from the original story. And in my opinion, they are doing an entertaining job.

There have been a couple of times when I thought the movie was better than the book. The two biggest are The Lord of The Rings and Stardust. There are so many book adaptations that have been horrid, that I can’t just pick one (okay, I lied – Percy Jackson – why did they have to do such a bad job!!).

Enough about what I think. What are your favorite adaptations? Which ones did you loathe? Debate and discuss!