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Cosmic Thing

Hey, peeps, Suze here. Don’t let the Crown Prince of Hardydom know that I used the word “peeps” in a public–or any–forum. It’s apparently hopelessly uncool. Meh, I like it.

So, another thing I like is music. I like basically everything, from classical, to bluegrass, to Tuvan throat singing, to Adele and Gotye.

In my continuing quest to free up energy in my life and home, I’ve been going through my collection of CDs and loading them into iTunes, with the intention of getting rid of 500 or so plastic jewel cases. I used to join, quit, and rejoin those record clubs, so I amassed a fairly large collection, mostly for the price of shipping and handling! But now, they’re just taking up space.

So here are some of my favorite artists, chosen at random from my CD collection (links included!):

51pUH7MjR2L._AA160_[1]The B-52’s. Yes, they have that grammatically incorrect apostrophe in their name, but I love them anyway. Campy, crazy, and eminently danceable, The B-52’s will always hold a place in my heart. Fave song? It’s gotta be all 7-plus minutes of Rock Lobster. Down, down, down

Harry Chapin. A distinctive voice, lyrics that tell a depressing story, and a small body of work due to his early, tragic death in a car accident, Harry is an artist that I don’t tire of listening to. Fave song? This one’s tough. Everybody knows the heart-wrenching Cat’s in the Cradle, but what about Taxi? I’d argue that song is even more depressing. He’s got another, less well-known song I also love: 30,000 Pounds of Bananas. The win goes to … Taxi. Harry, keep the change.

Johnny Cash. The man’s a legend for a reason. Fave song? I don’t know if I can choose just one. Certainly Folsom Prison Blues is near the top. I hear the train a’comin’. It’s rollin’ round the bend. And I ain’t seen the sunshine since, I don’t know when. I’m stuck in Folsom Prison, and time keeps draggin’ on

Queen. This was a band I enjoyed in my misspent youth, but I don’t think I really appreciated them until later. Freddie Mercury was an incredibly talented singer. Factoid: According to a recent biography of Freddie, he had extra molars, which pushed his other teeth forward, giving him his signature bunny look. The big mustache helped camouflage it somewhat. He never got the extra teeth removed due to fears it would change his voice. I agree–why take the risk? Fave song? Somebody to Love (Bohemian Rhapsody is a close second).

Desi Arnaz. If you haven’t listened to Desi, you should! I visited the Lucy and Desi museum in Jamestown, New York last summer–definitely worth a trip. Factoid: pronounce his name “Dessy,” not “Dezzi.”) Lucy and Desi’s story is fascinating. So is the music. The Crown Prince and I used to dance to Babalu, drumming, dipping, doing lifts (well, I lifted him. Couldn’t do that anymore!). Once when we were doing just that, laughing and dancing in the kitchen, I didn’t notice that the stove was on fire! So the song Babalu will always be associated with, as my husband puts it, “the time you almost burned the house down.” I got a new stove, but I don’t recommend this method. So fave song? Babalu.

How about you? What are some of your favorite songs? Who are you listening to now? Know anyplace I can unload a lot of CDs?