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The Bucket List

Hey, peeps. Suze here. So, today I thought I’d talk a bit about the Bucket List. Even if you never saw the movie that came out a few years ago, I’ll bet you know what a Bucket List is: it’s those accomplishments and experiences you want–need–to have before you die, the things you can’t let go of and have always wanted to do.

Here are a few things on my Bucket List:

1. Ride in a limousine. True story: I’ve never ridden in a limo! I have three sisters and a brother, but they all had small-town weddings (back then, I don’t think there even was limo service within 40 miles or so). Mr. Suze and I had a lock-and-load-type wedding at a hotel. We got married on the waterfront gazebo, and had the reception right there.

When I told my mom and sisters about this wish at Thanksgiving, we came up with the idea of renting a limo (now available even in that little boondocks town up north!) and riding around to look at Christmas lights. So I’ll be able to cross this one off in about a month. Go Suze!

2. See the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall. Nope, I’ve never seen the show and I’ve always wanted to. This one is very doable, since it’s only a day trip away. And yet I’ve never managed to get there. Anyone up for a visit to the Big Apple with me?

3. Solve the last of the family mysteries that have plagued me since I was a kid. I’ve already cracked a couple of these to my satisfaction: Was my great great grandfather a Native American? I’m now almost certain he was not. My great grandfather either believed, or was told, or made up, that his mother had an affair with a Native American and that they both ran off, leaving him to be raised by his grandmother. That’s a nice, romantic way to explain one’s illegitimacy! But it’s also a big fat lie. My research leads quite strongly to the conclusion that great great grandma was a servant in the household of a prosperous shopkeeper and that great granddad was the product of a little intra-household, upstairs-downstairs nookie. GGGram did run off and leave the baby with her mother; that much of the story is true anyway.

Another family mystery I’ve solved is that I was finally, after literally years of research, able to obtain a copy of an archaeological dig report on some family land, confirming (and also disproving) some things my grandfather told me.

But the one that eludes me: Locating a family heirloom (an 18th century ceremonial walking stick with a whale-tooth handle inscribed to Joseph Bartlett), which was allegedly stolen by my great-uncle to spite my grandfather. It may have been given to a museum. I don’t expect to get the thing back; I just want to see it and photograph it. I think I’m just going to have to contact every museum in New York State. Will get right on that!

4. Run a 5K. Notice I said “run.” I could easily walk a 5K, do it quite frequently, as a matter of fact. But I’ve never enjoyed running. And yet, this one nags at me. Therefore, 2013 is the year of the 5K for Suze. Or maybe 2014. Definitely soon, though!

How about you? What’s on your Bucket List? How many things could you do in the next year? I’d love to hear all about it!