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The Change in Circumstances

Hiddey-ho Scribblers!  J Monkeys here.  I’m running a little late this morning – hopefully you haven’t all already visited today and I’ve missed you.  Why have I been writing my posts when I get up on Saturday morning instead of scheduling them in advance like I’ve done for the past nearly two years?  There’s been a change in my circumstances and I haven’t fully adjusted yet.  In addition to being a full-time mom and a part-time writer, I’m now someone’s part-time employee, too!  It’s awesome and I’m wicked excited about it – but I haven’t figured out how to balance my responsibilities with the hours in a day yet.  It’s a constant struggle for me.

So I’ve had one change in my circumstances and I’m anticipating another.  Earlier this week, I had one of my nearly 5-year old sons tested for Celiac.  I’m still waiting for the results, but it could mean a major change in circumstances, not just for me, but for all the “characters” living in my house. 

Celiac, for those unfamiliar with the…desease, disorder, issue?…means that you can’t eat gluten – no wheat at all.  In his case, it will go hand-in-hand with a milk allergy.  Here’s a link to more information if you are interested.  Now, not only is there a TON of information about celiac available out there, and there’s an aisle full of gluten-free products in my grocery store, but my son’s godfather has the same issue but very severely and can be a wonderful resource for me having lived with it for 40+ years.  So either way, we’ll be good.

Change-GraphicBut this got me thinking about how we writers need to change the circumstances on our characters.  Pull the rug out from under them, turn life on their head, leave them topsy-turvy.  I enjoy change – I always have.  I love to play “What if” games in my head.  What if we get snowed in and I’m stuck at the mall, all alone?  What if everyone in my neighborhood drops dead from a superflu and society as we know it collapses overnight?  (Don’t worry, my family is usually uninfected with the flu in this head-game.)  What if I won the $365 million lottery?  What if I decided to plant a garden this year? 

As writers, we have to change our characters lives and then help them work through the results of that change.  But lots of people hate change or fear it.  Often that’s the same thing.  Maybe that’s why people like to read – to see how the other half live.  To experience a (usually dramatic) change in circumstances in the safety of our own home.  I know that’s why I like it.  Did I just say I liked to read?  Ha-hmmmm.  I mean that’s why I love to read. 

Today’s not-so-secret Secret: Changes in circumstances can come from anywhere and involve anything.  If you run out of ideas, or realize that you haven’t changed your characters circumstances enough, look to your own life for inspiration.

Today’s Question: What’s your favorite type of change-in-circumstance story?  I love historical romances and more modern day, they’ve-kept-these-secrets-from-us-for-millenia-but-now-it’s-all-coming-to-light-and-boy-are-we-in-trouble type stories.

Today’s bonus secret: click to here to see what changes are in store for our beloved Eric Northman – they’ve begun filming True Blood season 6!  Yippeeee.


What is in a name?

Hello Scribblers!  J Monkeys coming atcha from inside a snow globe.  Or at least that’s how it looks from my office window.  A fresh batch of snow fell last night and everything in view is covered – trees, roofs, even the sky is white, matching the gently falling flakes.  Quite a contrast from the book I’ve been reading this morning.

How do you select a book at the store?  Usually, it’s one of two things that prompts me to pick something up – either a cover that attracts my attention, or the author’s name.  When it comes to authors, naturally, it’s repeat business for me – I’m buying books by authors I’ve read before and enjoyed.  Lynn Kurland, Julia Quinn, Julie Garwood, Jude Deveraux.  Sometimes it’s a new book written by a friend or acquaintance – especially when they are written in a genre that isn’t typically my cup of tea, but where I know from experience that I’ll enjoy the ride – Kristan Higgins’ contemporary romances, Katy Lee’s inspirational romances or Casey Wyatt’s urban fantasies, for example. 

This morning, I’m reading a book that I chose based on the author, but it isn’t an author whose work is familiar to me.  In fact, the book I’m reading is his debut novel.  Nor was the book/author recommended to me by a friend.  I’m reading Dracula the Un-Dead written by Dacre Stoker – great grand nephew of Bram Stoker.

dracula-the-un-deadI’m almost exactly to the half-way point in the book and it’s a delight!  It’s not scary, which is a good thing for me because I do NOT like scary stories.  Mr. King’s The Shinning still haunts me 25 years after I read it!  While I loved The Stand, there were parts that I found creepy – I remember reading it while sitting in a corner, hidden from any ghouls lurking in the ether.   But Dracula the Un-Dead seems more like a drama than horror as I think of it today.  It’s written as a sequel to the original book.  In truth it’s co-authored by Dacre Stoke and Ian Holt apparently written (according to Wikipedia) “Because of the Stokers’ frustrating history with Dracula’s copyright, Dacre with encouragement from screenwriter Ian Holt, decided to write “a sequel that bore the Stoker name” to “reestablish creative control over” the original novel.”  What an interesting idea.  I don’t know the extent to which it would reestablish copyright – but hey.

But if you’ve enjoyed the rise in vampire stories in the last decade or so, you might want to take a look at this homage to the original.  It’s well done (at least the first half!) and worth a few of your hard earned dollars.  And, again according to Wikipedia, they wrote it based on Bram’s original notes and stuff pulled out of the original novel.  Again, a cool idea. 

Today’s secret: Dracula is Un-Dead and available at the bookstore once again.  🙂  Oh and by the way, they have begun filming season 6 of True Blood, speaking of popular vampires.  The delightful Mr. Skarsgard has revealed a spoiler-ish something from filming.  Click here to find out what.

Today’s question: how do you decide to buy a book?  What changes you from a browser to a buyer?